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Has a game ever made you feel emotional?


No, and not even nearly, if you're talking about sadness or tears. I react to my interaction with games, I don't react to characters and their emotions.

I will never understand crying at games. If it wasn't for the Internet, I'd never have known people do it. MGS3 ending? Lol ok what's there to cry about?

I don't think it's a fundamentally strange idea, just that almost all games fall so squarely on the entertainment side of the art/entertainment divide that they're just not applicable.

For me it's quite a high bar anyway. Far more films have artistic value than games, but it's still quite a small minority of all films. And only some of those films actually make me emotional. And only a small fraction of THOSE would actually make me cry!
Mgs3 and mgs4. If you've played the games you know the scenes.

Hey, even the mgs4 trailer was emotional. The music stops, Snake flicks his cigarette, puts a gun in his mouth and says "one last punishment I must endure... this is my final mission".
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Yeah the Walking Dead game Seasons 1 episode 5 finale broke me. I cried so hard and then Nier Automata when the kid robots committed suicide.


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I just finished ff14 endwalker and when that song “close in the distance” plays, it took EVERYTHING I had not to cry.


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Battlefield 2042 definitely had me balled up in the shower weeping for a few days.

That was like finally seeing your first love again after 10 years then finding out she had herpes.
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What Remains of Edith Finch
Gone Home
Life is Strange True Colors
Guardians of the Galaxy
Last of Us series
Tomb Raider (2013)

All of these made me tear up at some point.
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Insomniac's Spiderman got me real good. The ending worked really well on several levels. To it top it all off by what I thought was an excellent take/twist on what usually happens to Peter in a lot of his origin stories
with May

Some of the game was a little uneven, but when the game focused on the main threads of the story it worked really, really well.


Legend of Legaia on the original Playstation. The game had a very melancholic OST, and the adventure itself had some sad hints. I remember being very emotional when I defeated the final boss and the epilogue and end credits started to roll. Loved that game.
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