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Has a game ever made you feel emotional?

The Skull

Playing through Paper Mario TOK and this caught me off guard
Bobby's sacrifice. His back story, the way he uses his dead best friends fuse to blow himself up and how he's constantly commenting on how much he's loved spending time with Mario and Olivia making new memories. That coupled with how Olivia realises what happened and she has survivor guilt over it. Fucking hit me right in the feels. I didn't expect that from a Mario game.
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Ev1L AuRoN

The Last of Us Part 1 Prologue was the only time I genuinely feel a deep emotion in a game. There were a few other standout moments, but none gave me the same impact.. Some of those moments I recall the
  • Aeris Death in FFVII;
  • Shadow Moses chapter with the classic music in MGS4;
  • Priscilla's song in The Witcher 3;
  • The Red Baron quest in Witcher 3.


Yes all the time. If I'm not invested on that level where it can't invoke some emotions then I probably won't bother finishing it.
It's all about the immersion such as a sense of wonder, sadness, excitement, etc. Some I prefer to have more than others though.


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Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

The pure nostalgia mixed with seeing memorable scenes and the iconic music is just perfect.

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fart town usa

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Trying to think of something in which the game conjures up emotions and not something through nostalgia.

Definitely Shadow of the Colossus. I played that on the PS2 years after the fact and yea, just a really moving game, it's awesome.

Panzer Dragoon Saga, mostly due to the music. Holy smokes it is good. Just listen to that shit, God-Tier. It really is an absolute masterclass in pacing and game design. I don't think it's the GOAT but it's definitely up there. It really is pretty much as good as people make it out to be. Just a solid experience through and through.

Also, FF7: Crisis Core. I honestly never really cared for Aeris, I played CC prior to Remake releasing, she's handled so well in that game. I love the way they portrayed her and the relationship between her and Zack, sad game.

FF7: Remake: Biggs, Wedge, Jesse. I haven't even finished the game but man, I effing love those characters and everytime they were on screen they absolutely stole the show. It was a bummer playing the game and knowing what happens to them. I really need to get back to that, I loved what I played of it at launch.

Dragon Quest 5: Just such an epic journey and again, the OST really drives the feels. The story/script is top notch too.
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The most recent game that actually had me crying is Horizon Forbidden West. I had to ponder why this particular moment made me so emotional. It is a very beautiful and powerful moment to me.

There are other games that makes me emotional as well and the most memorable is The Walking Dead. Lee and Clementine/Clementine and AJ. The opening sequence in Last of Us is extremely well done and so sad. I'm sure there are more but those are just what comes to mind for now.


The ending of Final Fantasy Crisis Core.

I was fighting and fighting, nonstop. Then I realised the inevitable...

My boy Zack.... I didn't want to stop. I didn't want to let go.. :messenger_crying:

Final Fantasy Ff GIF
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Obligatory "To The Moon" mention. It's not much of a "game," but a top 10 interactive story and I'm surprised how well they get their points across given the pixel graphics and simplistic gameplay.


I would say one of the endings of Cyberpunk.
The ending plot was stupid for all the crap work you did to get what you want. But the one you choose to surrender to Arasaka is a mix of sad, pityness, foolishness and no longer being a choice. Perhaps one of those endings that fits the main character so well.
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Final Fantasy IV, X, XIII, KH BBS,KH3, TLOU Pt 2. Im sure there’s more but that’s off the top of my head
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Nier made me feel like shit when I played NG+ or whatever it was called. Getting to the bit with the robot and the little kid...I hated myself. Hats off to the devs and writers.

Other games just make me feel like a fucking bad ass super powered God. Prototype was one of them, Divinity, Mutant:Year Zero (or similar turn based games) are another. The point where your character can rip through enemies by using clever skills, timing and tactics, always feels ggreeeeeat.
Oddly enough, in all my years of gaming only got emotional once. Believe it or not it was near the beginning of Mafia 3. Won't spoil it but was pretty intense.


Ace Combat Zero - I became angry at Solo Wing Pixy. He let the war break him and he needed to be stopped. He was a fantastic pilot.
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Ff X for its unmatched ending.

And bloodborne for almost making me break the disk in half.

I truly discourage adhd people to pkay those games...



The ending of this game is bleak and emotionally jarring. Three level before the finale, the Federation (United Nations) launches a nuclear strike on Cascadia (Canada). At first it plays out like an Ace combat missile interception mission, but then you slowly realize that there are too many incoming missiles to stop and you become hypnotized to the total devastation the "Cordium" warheads leave behind.

The protagonist, a brainwashed Federation pilot from Cascadia then attempts to wipe out your mercenary force in just a superb final showdown.


This is something I have never answered. If you mean emotional as sad or almost crying well:

Tell Tale Walking Dead - First game to make me cry
Tlou 1 - Made me feel very empty and sad (that's the intention).
Tlou 2 - Even though I didn't like the story as much, it made me "cry" a few times
Persona 5 - A very emotional games at various times.
MGS5, HFW, Spider-Man 2018, Tales of Arise, RDR2 made me shed tears once I believe (I have the specific scenes).

Sekiro made me emotional but it wasn't a sad emotion lol.

For reference. I have beaten probably over 100 SP games.
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Last of us when his daughter dies. Last of us 2 when he dies. And the whole boat trip with kratos going to get the chains of Olympus. I was so giddy from that when you get them


Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was.
Top of the list for me would be in Ocarina of Time, when Link is first leaving Kokiri town, and he sees Saria. The music stops and we only have the ambient sounds. That was a very emotional moment for me.
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TLOU2 made me very emotional they did my Boy Joel wrong

That game was a roller coaster of emotions of which I've never felt from any game.

Anger from hating Joel get it.

More anger with hating WLF to the point of saying "fuck WLF" any time I killed one of em lol

To more understanding and sadness when you find out Abby's reason's are just. Sad seeing her reaction to seeing her father dead.

I don't know if we'll ever get a game like that while....next to The Last Of Us 3 anyway lol
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Many times. Two that immediately come to mind are the first Xenoblade Chronicles and Life is Strange. Of course Skies of Arcadia as well…
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RDR1 Ending - "Ain't no trouble Abigail"
RDR2 - "That's the way it is", Horse death
Mass Effect - Mordin death and Shepard saying goodbye to Tali
Assassins Creed Embers - Ezio death


Walking Dead Season 1
What Remains of Edith Finch
Portal 2 (Weird, but true)
Life is Strange: True Colors
Planetfall (Floyd!)


Never, unless we are considering rage as emotion, from when I was stuck in a game.

Video game writing is pretty much on par with fanfic written by teenagers in terms of its complexity and character development. I can't seem to get invested in to it like I can with books and film.


Outer wilds. So much so that it made me realize I've been living my life wrong for all these years. Might sound weird to some of you, but sometimes you just need a little push. For me, that push was outer wilds.


Exposing the sinister cartel of retailers who allow companies to pay for advertising space.
Of course games can make me feel deep emotions. It's happened so many times that I kept dying, becoming angrier and angrier until I was ready to throw my controller at the tv. I never get explosions of intense anger and outright rage when I'm reading a good book or watching a movie.
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