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Hands On With The All New RetroFlag GPi Case 2 - The Best RPi CM4 Hand Held So Far?


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

We Finally Have a New Retroflag Handheld! In this video we take look at the all-new RetroFlag GPi Case 2, A GameBoy DMG Inspired Handheld emulation Console Powered by Raspberry Pi CM4! With an upgraded 3” 640x480 IPS Display and the option of an HDMI Dock this little retro handheld has turned out to be really awesome and it can play PSP, Dreamcast, PS1, and even N64 Games using RecalBox, RetroPie, or even Batocera.

04:59-GameBoy Advance Test
05:22-Turbo Button Neo Geo Test
05:53-Dreamcast Test
06:08-PSP PPSSPP Test
06:27-PS1 Retroarch Test
06:47-HDMI GPi Case 2 Test
07:38-N64 Gpi Case 2 Test
08:09-PSP HDMI GPi Case 2
09:12-FInal Thoughts
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