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Hand-drawn action RPG Sonzai announced for PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC


May 9, 2019
Publisher Top Hat Studios and developer 2 Odd Diodes have announced Sonzai, a hand-drawn action RPG about life, magic, and relationships.

It will launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 , Xbox One Xbox One , Switch Switch , PC PC via Steam, and more in 2022.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:

Sonzai is a 2D action brawler platforming RPG. The town of Kumotoshi holds secrets. A new life, new people, new spirits. What are the threads that bind people together? What is the nature of magic?

Sonzai is an innovative hand-drawn action RPG about life, magic, and relationships. The town of Kumotoshi holds secrets; a new life and new people. What threads bind these people together? What is the true nature of magic? Thrown into a new town, form relationships with people around you. Sonzai is the debut game by trailblazing video game duo 2 Odd Diodes, hailing from Kolkata, India, and published by New York-based Top Hat Studios, Inc.

Taking place in a dynamic, living town filled with unique characters, each with their own lives and stories. The game embraces social links and relationship building that affect both the course of the story and the scope of the player’s skill. Visceral character-action combat with RPG mechanics means Sonzai brings customizable "rune" abilities and weapon load-outs to the table. Thus accommodating vastly different fighting styles along with the game’s more traditional life sim elements.

The game is wrapped in a beautiful, inky minimalist art style with precisely choreographed animations (every single animation frame hand-drawn), complementing a thought-provoking narrative about existence and magic, within a vast world filled with hidden lore to discover. While getting tangled in the lives of a colorful, diverse cast of characters.

- Discover the Secrets of a Magical World -

Explore a vast world.
Whether it is a burning town right beside Kumotoshi or a civilization underground.
Each new area has its own aesthetic and beings who reside in them.
Discover its rich history while also managing your high school life.

- Engage in Visceral Character-Action Combat -

Experience combo based action with deep customization.
Passive Runes give you strength if you can fulfill its conditions.
Actives Runes are devastating spells that you unleash on your enemies.
Modules are modifiers that you can mix and match, to fine tune your loadout.

- Form Relationships with the Townsfolk -

Each character you meet may or may not like a new face in town.
Form bonds with them and get tangled in their stories.
Get stronger through your relationships.

Kumotoshi is a magical town; a hub for young mages. Its outskirts are a dangerous place—infused with dangerous magical energy. As you arrive in town as a new student, you find yourself ready to begin a new life. New opportunities and new friends await. However, what secrets lay in the shadows?

Reveal Trailer


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The nicest person on this forum
Mar 22, 2017
I’m digging the style. Only downside is, its long way to release date.

But hand drawn games like this takes time and lot of hard work.


Nov 17, 2013
I like what I'm seeing, definitely unexpected. The art style and the music are very well done. Is there a reason why they announced this so early?


May 9, 2019
Yeah, it is a little early. But if I'm not mistaken there are one or two other recently announced games that are two years out.

Added some GIFs to the OP from the Steam page as well.