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Halo: Infinite Season 2 arrives on May 3


Easy to single out the trolls here but I'd imagine you like myself are not thrilled with how Infinite has been handled up to now? I enjoyed Infinite but was left with a feeling that this could have been so much more. The 500 million budget is probably made up but it certainly wasn't made on the cheap either. I'm willing to allow a year after launch for them to add significant content and improvements but us Halo fans deserve better from 343.

Most definitely! 343i is due for some shakeup, and it seems it already started with Staten in and cleaning up ship. I think the rumors that they semi-rebooted development are true. It was a really great game, but it could have been much better. Certainly better visuals, more environment diversity, more big moments etc.

The positive thing i see is that the fundamentals seem to be in, so they just need to go full hog in pushing out content. If they can just get going with Forge, that could buy them some time while the community sinks their teeth in that.


They went after the F2P gaas crowd and failed miserably, now all that's left are the long term Halo fans who would've happily paid for a new full featured Halo MP experience but instead they're stuck with this husk of a game after waiting 6 years.

IMO the negativity is totally justified
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