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Halo Infinite is really hard to aim on controller, am I the only one?


I'm torn on how to play this game. I've never had a good PC, so with Xbox and Halo Infinite, I can finally play a modern FPS with a mouse and keyboard. It feels great and I don't want to lose that, but it's hard to justify it when controllers have such great aim assist.

After a few days playing on Mouse and keyboard, going back to the controller feels like walking through knee-deep mud, whether or not I will play better that way.

You can hook up mouse/key bot series s|x no problem?
Yes of course...

people forget that from their very inception FPS games were developed for and meant to be played with a mouse and keyboard, it has always been the most natural way to play them, and its also why we need all these aids for controllers to be a viable input method for the genre.

"aim assist" is kind of a hack job really, and if you take it away the experience on controller is not going to be very pleasant at all, where with mouse and key you don't need any aid at all.
Nice to see someone with a realistic opinion on aim assist. There's a few in here who complain just for the sake of it.


Sorry, but there is.

Well I admit I was never aware of this. Assuming it is true and legit though, the effect demonstrated here in Halo 1 is far, far less egregious than what is happening in Infinite.

But, I may have been wrong on the suggestion that Halo 1 PC did not have any aim-helping code at all. I haven't had time lately but I need to do a deep dive on all this stuff soon.
I've given the secret on here many times. Bots. Go practice with those bots on the default difficulty level. Learn to stop panicking just because you've spotted an enemy. Don't wildly swing or overreact with your right analog stick while emptying your whole clip.

I've even posted my perfect controller settings here before, and I hesitate to post them again cause I'd like to keep advantages for myself lmao, but here goes.

Move and Look Center Deadzones, set those to 0.
Move and Look Axial Deadzone, set those to 4.
Look Sensitivity Horizontal, set that to 8
Look Sensitivity Vertical, set that to 8
Move and Look Max Input Threshold, default, which should be 10.
Look Acceleration, default, which should be 2.

Once you have those settings what you have to learn is this. There's no harm in taking your time and slowly moving your right analog stick into place to line up an accurate shot on an enemy. What I learned about Halo from the bots and then from playing real players is that, though players immediately begin firing off entire clips, many more times than not it's a front and they don't properly have you in their sights yet. Or usually they didn't at the start, so the damage they're doing is actually significantly lessened by the fact they've been missing. Don't swing your right analog wildly or panic. Take your time to move it into place, and fire accurate shots, and don't shoot unless you're actually going to hit something. A lot of the fights or 2 to 3 kill streaks I get come from people who finished off their whole clip and are then sitting ducks to me because I made my shots count and didn't waste them all. It's hard to get into the mindset, but treat them more like campaign enemies. I was able to learn all this and get much better by playing the bots on the default difficulty.
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