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Analysis Trailer Half-Life 3 References in Games


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

0:00 HL3 Poster
0:19 Valve Time
0:41 Gordon Freeman & Multiple HL3 references
1:40 No-Life 3
3:05 Crowbar, Gaben, HL3 not found, Gravity Gun, G-Man, Borealis
4:36 Dead Gordon Freeman
5:30 H3 Under Construction
5:55 Give us Gordon!
6:33 Predicting Unforeseen Consquences
6:57 Waiting 100 years for HL3
7:53 HL3 Confirmation Service
8:06 Gordon dead yet again
8:31 The disappereance of Gordon Freeman
8:56 Dead Cells Weapons & Stuff
9:24 Gordon, please return my Crowbar!
9:40 Valve confirming Half-Life 3

Cool Easter eggs in games about hl3