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Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost |OT| 3x Better Than Your Favorite Fighting/Mecha game

Is there a code required to play online for the Full Boost Premium G Sound Edition?

Yup, it needs an online pass just like the regular version of Full Boost. It should be in the box if you bought it physically. You can also buy it from PSN for 1000yen. If you bought the game digitally then you don't need to activate anything.



Game render of Barbados in Extreme VS Force. Comes as a code with the first BD release of G Tekketsu.


Blast Kshatriya
Blast Gunner Zaku
Blast Full Armor Unicorn
Blast Banshee Norn
Blast Sandrock
Blast Tallgeese II


I didn't ask for this.

Well Sei dad actually pilots this exact Gundam in Build Fighters so there's that.

On a serious note, Bannam just doesn't want to yet. There really isn't a reason other than, maybe in the future?

Star Build Strike would be what, a 2.5k with a beam rifle, gerobi, and BUILD KNUCKLE?


And don't forget that they can implement the absorb and discharge system that in many ways.

I mean I guess that could be sub weapon 3/4 where you have to absorb attacks with 28 Shield and after like 3 blocks you shoot a strong gerobi with AC or CS.

That or it fills up Boost/EX. Universe Booster too.

They should finish porting over Kampfer first tho.
We need more suits with weird gimmicks.

My 6
B Kshatriya
B Sinanju
B Banshee
B Zaku Gunner
B Mk-2 ft. Kamille

Should be something like that. Played it sunday with a fried ik local co-op and we did arcade routes with me as Norn and him as Zaku Gunner.


Clearly they can't put Build Fighters in a game with Actual Gundams because they would be 7 inches/2 pixels tall compared to everyone else.


Perfect Gundam only made it in because he had enough Plamo Spirits to get it to 1:1 scale


Upside, inside out he's livin la vida loca, He'll push and pull you down, livin la vida loca
Who ya got in ya top 6?

Nu (canon)

I like SEED and UC.
X Divider

FA UC is really to fun to use against the CPU, I'd probably get creamed against people though D:
GX is pretty great too, especially since you can switch to Divider mode and back (so you have a lot of long range options), but I still kinda like X Divider better.
41 minutes.

How big of an update could it be, really? Not like it's gonna be 3x3 or anything. EXVS FB on console is ded gaem status right now, so a home release announcement would be nice. Plus, Aegis.


Upside, inside out he's livin la vida loca, He'll push and pull you down, livin la vida loca
Is TM Revolution running low on money or something?

Or did Bamco con then into a favorable contract so now they'll take them for everything?

time to bring back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2WnxJ17pK4
Probably, that Gouf is going to be in Force as well, along with a special Destiny (yes) which is also having a Gunpla release (...yes).
And if I understood the page correctly he's even releasing a single alongside the game.

I just find it funny how he seems to shoot up to relevance every 10 or so years XD


With the latest update to the Force website, the "...And More!" has been removed from the mobile suit pages. So barring any secret or additional DLC, wysiwyg?

I wish more enemy suits were playable. Especially in the Z/ZZ timeframes.


Don't really know where to post this, but according to jp blog that got the game early, EXVS force does not have free battle mode. If this is true, I honestly don't know what the developer are thinking.


That it's a single player game. You want competitive VS go to your local arcade.

My first and only Gundam Vs. game I played so far is PSP Next+ so this is not about competitive VS. I believe you might misunderstand me, when I said Free Battle mode I refer to player VS CPU.
Since free battle mode is where I spend time the most, even today on Next+, so that why I'm a bit disappointed. Considering the way they advertising and brand the game as Vs. series brand, it just felt really misleading with the lack of free battle TBH.
And like you said this is a single player game, so why cant there be free battle mode with 1 player vs CPU?


I think there must be some subterfuge at Bandai preventing an honest effort at bringing Gundam to America, they keep sabotaging themselves far too frequently for it to be poor decision making.


I wonder if a port of MB would make bamco ungodly amounts of money. It seems like it would but then again pc gaming in japan is still rather weak right?


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Gundam EXVS Force |OT| A Wakening of the Force
Gundam EXVS Force |OT| The Force A Wakens
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