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Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost |OT| 3x Better Than Your Favorite Fighting/Mecha game

Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost is the 11th iteration of the Gundam VS series and the sequel to the very popular Gundam Extreme VS that came to the PS3 in late 2011. After 2 years of consistently taking the #1 spot in the Japanese arcades over pretty much your favorite fighting games that came out within the same time period, Full Boost finally makes its console debut on the PS3. With nearly 100 units to choose from (with many more from future DLC) and a huge plethora of gameplay changes from vanilla EXVS, on top of a more robust online system for both VS and co-op, this is the biggest and best Gundam VS game yet!

Check out the official PV and see what it's all about!
Do you kinda like Virtual On or maybe even Gotcha Force? Do you enjoy footsies and playing the neutral game in fighting games? Aside from mecha smacking the hell out of each other, it’s an amazing competitive game that is easy to jump into yet is rather deep once you start delving into the mechanics of the game system. Although this is somewhat considered a fighting game, its nature is built around the 2 v 2 gameplay where team synergy is much more important than the individual. On top of that, you don't need to be a combo or execution master to be decent at this game. It can still be enjoyed by those who are looking for a single-player experience through the arcade modes and mission modes, but the meat of the game revolves around the core 2v2 experience.​
Is Namco Bandai going to localize this game?
On a more serious note, this game has been added to the official list of games to be played at So Cal Regionals, so if a good showing is made there and thus pushes other fighting game events to add it, perhaps a convincing argument can be made for the series to come to the West. More info about the So Cal Regionals showing below.​
Do I need to know Japanese to know how to play?
Nope. The game is very playable without the knowledge of any Japanese. The main screen is generally in English anyway and people will begin to translate mission mode requirements as the game comes out. Aside from that, it's not that hard to navigate through the menus.​
Okay, okay... so where can I buy this game?
Now that we've got that out of the way...
Gundam Fight ALL SET! READY, GOOOOO!!!

  • Over 90 playable mobile suits INCLUDING 26 NEW SUITS
  • Rebalanced gameplay and mobile suits from Gundam Extreme VS
  • Arcade modes and Mission Modes NOW WITH ONLINE CO-OP
  • LARGER ONLINE LOBBIES and upgraded matchmaking options
  • Customize your experience with NEW NAVIGATORS and HUDS
  • Customized soundtracks NOW WORK ONLINE
  • New vertical split screen for local 2p play
  • New move list added to pause menu
  • Increase your roster with upcoming DLC MOBILE SUITS
  • Receive EX-S GUNDAM as a first pressing bonus
  • With the Premium G Sound Edition, RECEIVE 35 EXTRA BGM TRACKS including Gundam vocal tracks such as “Daybreak’s Bell,” “Rhythm Emotion,” and “Stand Up To The Victory”

    Check out the full track listing of the Premium G Sound Edition here: http://en.gundam.info/topics/white/27425

Famitsu - 9/9/9/9
10/10 Haros

  • Ranged attack tracking has been toned down
  • Overall momentum preservation is much higher
  • Two versions of Extreme Bursts can be chosen, Assault or Burst (explanation below)
  • Stages are larger than before
  • All suits now have an EX Burst Attack
  • Blocking friendly fire no longer gives you meter (i.e. Master/Crossbone partner
    whip block)
  • Revisions to Extreme Gauge system
For a more in-depth look at the game revisions, please check out the following: Brett's Full Boost Transition Guide

This OT will be referencing these shorthands throughout so if you're not familiar with them, please take the time to learn it. It will make your Full Boost referencing much easier in the future.

a - Shoot
b - Melee
c - Boost
ab - Sub (subweapon)
ac - Special Shooting
bc - Special Melee
abc - EX Burst Activate/EX Burst Attack (after activation)
CSa - Charge Shot A
CSb - Charge Shot B

BR - Beam Rifle (usually the main attack A)
BZ - Bazooka (referencing units that have bazooka attacks)
Main - Whatever is the main attack of the suit (A), i.e. BR, Gatling, Dragon Fangs, etc.

>> - Step
cc - Boost Dash

Directions use numpad annotation
4/6 - left/right
8/2 - up/down
5 - neutral

Fire off your unit’s main weapon. Is usually a ranged attack such as a Beam Rifle (BR) or Machine Gun (MG) type weapon. For melee units, they will tend to have a limited ranged attack, i.e. Dragon Fangs​

Use your unit’s close range attack. Tap multiple times for a fighting combo. Hold the lever in a direction and press melee for different types of combos.​
  • 5b - Neutral Melee
  • 4/6b - Side Melee
  • 2b - Back Melee
  • 8b - Forward Melee
  • cc8b - Boost Dash Melee
Press to perform a short hop. Hold to fly straight up. Double tap to perform a boost dash.​

Change your target lock on. Can be used with some moves to do a multi lock-on attack (i.e. Strike Freedom’s CSa).​

Tap 2, 8 quickly to block any attacks to the front of your unit. Holding up will continue to block until your boost runs out. Cannot block pressure type moves such as The O’s Quebeley’s, or Zaku III’s newtype pressure.​

Some mobile suits like Zeta or Wing Zero TV can transform by holding boost then quickly double tapping a direction and holding said direction. Once transformed, your unit will glide in the air conservatively consuming boost while giving access to a different set of attacks. You will return to normal form when either the stick is released to neutral or you run out of boost.​


As the meat and potatoes of Full Boost gameplay mechanics, these two actions are key to being successful as they open up many offensive and defensive options. Remember, these two cannot be done without proper boost gauge.

Boost Dash:
Double tap C to perform a BD to propel you forward and uses boost to initiate. Hold the lever in a direction and BD while holding down C to dash in said direction. This will generally be your primary mode of travel during a match. Beware as this does not cut weapon guidance. Units have different levels of boost consumption and speed.

This can be used to not only get to spot quickly, but to perform Shooting Combos (aka Zunda). Attacks usually have a recovery period after they are used, but doing a BD can immediately set your unit back to neutral and allow you to input another attack. This is called a Boost Dash Cancel.

For example, the zunda for the RX-78 would be the following:
BR, cc BR, cc BR​

Once the RX-78 fires its main weapon, you input cc (boost dash) immediately afterwards. This will cancel the recovery animation of the shot allowing you to fire once again. The process is repeated, increasing the damage given while not allowing the enemy to recover from previous shots. Although this is a very universal mechanic, beware of suits that might have different timings such as Unicorn's beam rifle. This also doesn't apply much to suits that have gatlings as their main such as Gouf.

Here is Unicorn performing a BR Zunda. After the BR is released, the player will boost dash immediately, cancelling the animation and allowing him to shoot again then boost dash to cancel that shot and fire once more.

Double tap the lever either up/down/left/right. This will make your unit quick step in the chosen direction. This also cuts weapon guidance directed at you the moment you input it, so this maneuver is used as a dodge as well. Cannot be used if the boost gauge is empty.

Stepping is also used to cancel melee attacks. This is called the Step Cancel/Rainbow Cancel. While still keeping the properties of the step, you can enter another attack or movement immediately after inputting the step cancel. This is generally used to string melee attacks together for a melee combo.

For example, a typical melee combo would be the following:
6bbb >> 6bbb >> BR​

Here a unit step canceled their side melee into another side melee, then finishing off with their Beam Rifle.​

This example shows Wing Zero TV initiating its melee attack then step canceling into another melee attack. This is then step canceled into its EX Burst Attack. The rainbow trail signifies a step cancel has been performed.

For both shooting combos and melee combos, be sure to watch your boost gauge because you cannot perform any of these if you overheat. Maximize your damage potential with these techniques!

Remember, you can also use the boost dash cancel and step cancel as a defensive maneuver if you feel like your actions have made you vulnerable.

The TLDR Version of Fundamental Techniques of Full Boost
Shooting Combo (Projectile Zunda) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlJidOS8RIE#t=84
Melee Combo - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXlY4nfIpOA#t=65 (N notates neutral melee, also there's a step cancel between each melee string)
Boost Dash Jump - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlJidOS8RIE#t=84
Step Cancel - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlJidOS8RIE#t=178
Fuwafuwa - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlJidOS8RIE#t=324

Because of the gameplay changes to Full Boost, these moves will carry much more momentum than in EXVS.

Kirinfang and Brett also go into detail into what these techniques mean for you, including the very useful Amekyan, Fuwafuwa, muzzle correction, etc. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=XWu2rrbsefY#t=1642

Shows the distance between yourself/partner/enemy. Partners are in turquoise and enemies are in red. Always keep your eye on this.​

Yellow if you’re currently locked on. Red if an attack is coming in towards you. Flashing red if very close. Appears on the screen relative to the direction you’re facing, i.e. top of the screen if in front of you, bottom if behind you.​

Shows the amount of times you can use a specific unit attack. Charge gauges below some ammo means it can use a Charge Shot attack which is done by holding down either A (CSa) or B (CSb) until the gauge reaches MAX, then releasing. Ammo replenishment can either be through reload wait time, reloading via button press once it’s all depleted, or no reload at all. All ammo gets replenished with an EX Burst activation.​

Green when your target is not in range, Red when target is in range. Attacks in red-lock range will track the enemy whereas attacking when you have a green-lock on the enemy will not. Ensure that you are maximizing your attacks by performing them in red-lock range. Red-lock range differs from unit to unit.​

The match timer will drop from 330 seconds (default) to 0. If no one wins before the time runs out, everyone loses.​

1p only, you set your CPU to do various actions which are the following:
  • Normal - will take normal actions against the enemy team
  • Focus - will focus on the same unit you're locked onto
  • Divide - will focus on the unit your are not locked onto
  • Assault - will focus on primarily melee attacks
  • Avoid - will focus on avoiding taking damage

Messages between you and your partner will appear here when pressing the COMMAND button with another human player. The default message will update your health to your partner. Continuously update your status this way. Customized messages can be sent when holding a direction and pressing COMMAND. Your messages are in blue while your partner’s are in green.

Depending on their health, the text will change color accordingly. So if they keep spamming messages and the text is red, they're probably looking for some help from you.

  • Blue - High Health
  • Yellow - Medium Health
  • Red - Low Health

Your unit’s corresponding health. When it reaches 0, you will obviously die, your unit cost will be subtracted from the team cost gauge, and you will respawn if you have any remaining cost gauge left. If the left over cost gauge is either greater than or equal to your unit cost, you will return with full health. If the remainder is less than your unit cost, you will go into COST OVER (explained below) and your health will be penalized. If you die and your cost gauge reaches 0, you lose the match.​

Extreme Burst Activation
Introduced in EXVS, you can perform an Extreme Burst Activation when your EX gauge is past the 50% mark. What's different in Full Boost is the ability to choose between two types of Burst, Assault and Blast. When activated, your unit will receive certain buffs based on which Burst Type you chose. Aside from ammo and boost meter replenishment, you will also gain access to your EX Burst Attack, a powerful attack that generally does massive damage (think of it as an Ultra like in SFIV). Using your EX Burst Awakening at the right time can help push the match in your team's favor.

The EX Gauge is filled with both successful attacks and receiving damage. It will also increase if you die.

EX Burst Types
Assault Burst: Good for rushing down opponents
  • Half bursts refill 70% boost, Full gives you Full Boost
  • Big damage bonus modifier, small defensive modifier
  • Movement speed greatly improved, boost consumption slightly improved
  • Red lock range slightly improved
  • Weapon reload rate moderately improved
  • Melee pursuit speed / distance drastically improved
  • Does not deplete your Boost or Extreme Gauge when doing Extreme Attacks
  • Small boost penalty for Full Bursting (20%)
  • Awakening time is shorter than Blast (Full lasts about 12 seconds)

Blast Burst: Good for creating openings
  • Restores 40% boost at Half, 80% boost at Full Burst.
  • Big defensive modifier, small offensive modifier bonus.
  • Movement speed improved slightly, boost consumption improved drastically
  • Red lock range improved greatly
  • Reload speed drastically improved (About 2x normal)
  • Firing attacks that cause vernier (including turn around shots) can be step cancelled (there are some exceptions)
  • Removes the start on Boost Dash, letting you immediately sidestep from it
  • Boost and Extreme Gauges go to 0 when performing Extreme Attacks
  • Large boost penalty for Full Bursting (35%)
  • Awakening time is longer than Assault (Full lasts around 16 seconds)

Extreme Burst Attack (EX Burst Attack)
The EX Burst Attack is essentially the super attack of Full Boost. Once you've activated your Burst, you can initiate the EX Burst Attack by pressing ABC altogether once again. Depending on your unit, you may have a long range Burst Attack like Sinanju's rolling beam rifle or have a melee Burst Attack that must be hit confirmed to be initiated like God Gundam's Double God Finger.​

When in Assault Burst, using your EX Burst Attack will not deplete your EX or Boost gauge and you can continue to use it as long as your EX gauge is not at 0. When in Blast Burst, your EX and Boost gauge will be depleted to 0.

For more of an in-depth look at EX Burst changes please follow the link: Brett's Full Boost Transition Guide

Full Boost Mission Mode Skill List: by X05 said:
For those interested, here is the [Google] translated FB mission mode skill list

Durability Up
Ranged Beam Attack Up
Melee Attack Up (Player)
EX Gauge Performance Up (Player)

Obtained in missions
13 Easy: Ally Damage Reduction
14 Easy: Boost Consumption Reduced
14 Extreme: Live Ammo Attack Up
16 Extreme: Blast Burst Time Extension
17 Extreme: "Underlying Strength" Attack Up (aka "Guts mode")
23 Hard: EX Gauge+ (Player)
27 Normal: Live Ammo Defense Up
31 Hard: EX Gauge+ (Team)
32 Hard: Assault Burst Time Extension
33 Easy: Shoot & Melee Power Up
36 Extreme: Durability Recovery (Player)
38 Easy: Boost Gauge Increase
40 Hard: SP Increase
41 Hard: Ranged Beam Defense Up
43 Normal: Ranged Defense Up
43 Extreme: Barrier Strength Up
44 Hard: Ranged Attack Up

Obtained in ONLINE mission
03 Extreme: Durability Recovery (Team)
04 Extreme: EX Gauge Performance Up (Team)
05 Hard: EX Burst Time Extension (Team)
06 Extreme: Melee Attack Up (Team)
11 Hard: Boost Cancel Consumption Down
17 Hard: EX Burst +
17 Extreme: Forces Supplementation (????) EDIT: Team Bar Increase (thanks Hasemo!)
19 Hard: Unit Cost Down
20 Normal: Step Cancel Consumption Down
credit to dustloop for this image said:


Pilot Costume (300 ¥): Want Laura Rolla to pilot Turn A Gundam instead of Loran Cehack? Now you can with pilot costume changes! Each pilot will have at least one costume change so if you want a new look during character select screens and full EX Burst cutscenes, now you can! :p

HUD (100 ¥): From series themes to even one based on Haro, freshen up your gameplay experience with themed HUDs. You will receive 3 Full Boost HUDs (Red, Black, Yellow) for FREE. Premium G owners will also receive a DLC voucher for a Gundam Perfect Games Plamo Runner HUD. Info on redemption is here: http://exvsfb.ggame.jp/special/gpg.html
Navis (350 ¥): Navigators will accompany you throughout the game, praising you on your accomplishments during a win, aside from looking all purty as well. Don’t worry, not all waifus will be female. From Relena wishing you to be more pacifist to Girhen Zabi hailing Zeon, navis are a fun way to customize your Full Boost experience. The Haro navi comes FREE with the game.

Unit DLC (400 ¥): Just like EXVS, there appear to be console exclusive units for Full Boost. The first two available day 1 are Johnny Ridden’s Zaku II (2000 cost) and Lacus Clyne’s Infinite Justice (1000 cost), and both are free. Ex-S Gundam is available to those who receive a first pressing of the game via retail or PSN. Ex-S is only available until Feb. 28 for those who go the digital download option of the game.

January 30 DLC Units
  • MSV - Johnny Ridden Zaku II High Mobility (2000 cost)
  • Gundam Seed Destiny - Lacus piloted Infinite Justice (1000 cost)

Feb 5 DLC Units
  • MSV - Shin Matsunaga Zaku II High Mobility (2000 cost)
  • Gundam Wing TV - Quatre piloted Wing Gundam Zero TV (2500 cost)

Feb 16 DLC Units
  • Gundam 00 - Patrick Colasour's GN-XIII (1000 cost)
  • Zeta Gundam - Kamille's Gundam Mk-II Titans ver. (1000 cost)
  • Gundam Seed Destiny - Lunamaria Hawke's Impulse Gundam (2000 cost)

March 5 DLC Units
  • ZZ Gundam - Roux Louka's Zeta Gundam (2000 cost)
  • ZZ Gundam - Haman's Acguy (2000 cost)
  • 08th Mobile Suit Team - Shiro Amada's RX-79(G) Ground Gundam (1000 cost)

March 19 DLC Units
  • ZZ Gundam - Zaku Zeta Gundam (1000 cost)
  • Turn A Gundam - Poe Aijee's Sumo (2000 cost)
  • Gundam Seed Destiny - Andrew Waltfield's Gaia Gundam (2000 cost)

April 5 DLC Units
  • ZZ Gundam - Elle Viano's Gundam MkII (1000 cost)
  • V Gundam - V Gundam Hexa (1000 cost)

Upcoming DLC Units
  • Mobile Suit Gundam - Doan's Zaku II (1000 cost)
  • Stardust Memory - Anavel Gato's Gelgoog

DLC Missions (Free):These downloadable missions will showcase unit DLC as opponents in Full Boost Mission Mode. If you like what you see, you can then purchase accordingly.

Yes, this game does feature an online pass in order to access all the online features. This pass is also apparently region locked, so you will have to use a Japanese PSN account in order to play online. Because there are several ways to purchase the game, the following will guide you on how to set up the online pass.​

How to set up the online pass (from gamefaqs) http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/641161-kidou-senshi-gundam-extreme-vs/68361375

In order to enjoy the online modes of this software, EXVSFB, it is now necessary to have an online pass for the game. The method for registering the pass is different based on whether you purchased the packaged version or the download version, so please refer to the following directions for your edition.

The first time you attempt to connect to any of the game's online modes, the game will ask for your product code. When this happens, please reference the included Online Pass ticket that came inside the game package and enter the code on the ticket.

The online pass will automatically be registered to the Sony Entertainment Network account you used to purchase the game. No special procedure is required.

The EXVSFB online pass will need to be downloaded separately from the game software itself. Only the SEN account that has the preorder on file can download this pass at no cost. At some point on January 30th 2014 the Online Pass will be made available for download for these users.

Method 1: Navigate to "Kidou Senshi Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost Preorder Tokuten" in the PSN Store. Under 'accompanying content', the online pass will be available for download. (It is also assumed that this is where the Premium G Sound pack will be located as well)
Method 2: The first time you attempt to connect to any of the game's online modes, the game will ask for your product code. Select 'No' on this window, which will proceed to the purchase menu. If you are logged into the SEN account which preordered the game, the cost of the first online pass will be free.​


Do I need to know what Gundam is in order to get into it?
No, as there are many players who enjoy this game without having ever watched a single Gundam show. It does however make it easier to understand what it's all about and pick a favorite suit as the meta-series is hitting its 35th anniversary this year.​

What's better? Using an arcade stick or a pad?
Granted this game did originate from the arcades, it is all a matter of preference. Go with what you feel is the most comfortable. But if you do find yourself in a tournament, the preferred choice will be the arcade stick.​

Can I use a DualShock 4 with this game?
As it worked with the original EXVS, there shouldn't be any reason why you cannot.​

Do I have to like Gundam SEED to get full enjoyment?
No, although some here might insist you do. :p


Throne Drei x Master VS Gunner Zaku x Wing Zero TV - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCYEUYrg988
Crossbone X-3 x Extreme Agios VS 00 x Kshatriya - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9C30NbuaVsc
Extreme Xenon x RX-78 VS Xi x Crossbone X-2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKOt90u-NH4
Epyon x Rozen Zulu VS Epyon x Banshee - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzaHxaBNRSo
Reborns x Hambrabi VS Crossbone X-3 x Xi - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhRv2ii34I4
Wing Zero TV x Zeong VS Unicorn x Banshee - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcLkuN4wa9o
Team Kapool x Full Armor ZZ VS Hyaku Shiki x Turn A - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mx2295Aa200


SO CAL REGIONALS 2014 - February 28 - March 2

One of the biggest fighting game tournaments in the United States will be officially featuring Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost on a national level! If you're up to the challenge, make sure you register and become one of the best in the US! If you're unable to attend, please show your support by joining the SCR streams and cheering on the representing Gundam Fighters!

The more support we show for the game at this level, the bigger the community will become and hopefully Namco will provide localization support for this title or upcoming Gundam VS titles in the future!

Register here: http://www.socalregionals.com

Rebel Up Bi-Weekly Saturdays at Super Arcade (Walnut, CA)

If you happen to be in So Cal, head on down to Super Arcade in Walnut, CA next to Mt. San Antonio College for some awesome locals play and get together with the EXVS FB community!​
  • $5 Venue Fee play all day till closing
  • 4 stations set up for freeplay
  • Great way to level up if you are local to the area.
  • Feel free to bring your own setup, we can support up to 8 stations.

Server: Espernet
Channel: #gafgundam

Come and join us on this IRC channel to setup matches, discuss strategies, chat random Gundam shenanigans, and to bathe in the inevitable salt.​

Special thanks to God Gundam, Jesus Yamato, Queen Lacus, GundamGAF, Brett, kirinfang, Cacophanus @ Mechadamashii, ponpo, EXVS gamefaqs board
Danke ^^ Get hype!

ponpo's kusoge tier list

ponpo said:
Wing Zero TV - Tier whore suit, use this before twin rolling buster is nerfed to not cover the entire map.
Reborns - Says 'reborns gundam' in a funny way, good suit.
Epyon - Disgusting lord of melee, ignore until removed from game.

Banshee - Tier whore suit, cooler than Unicorn, neat burst attack
Extreme Xenon - Everyone will use this and spam the spirit bomb attack and SHISHIHOKO SHISHIHOKO獅子咆哮ォオ!!獅子咆哮ォオ!!獅子咆哮ォオ!!獅子咆哮ォオ!! also his third form sword attack is the most hilarious thing in the game because of the upward and downward range it has.
Extreme Eclipse - Like Xenon but ranged in 2nd/3rd form, doesn't yell shishihoko so not as cool but shouts shishihuuunjiiin or something so better than most.
Extreme Aios - Irrelevant but has that kshatria fence clone
X-Divider - Cool suit, crescent slash, cool spread gerobi thing.
Impulse - Strike but better, irrelevant (deal with it Kincaido)
X3 - Full Cloth without Full Cloth and other stuff. Also has a cute attack where it spins and throws some other unit. Good suit just because of that attack.

Hambrabi - MA mode is cool it looks like a beautiful majestic stingray soaring through the skies ~ ~
Gyan - Has auto guard on its shield aka top tier suit deal with it Quanta.
MKII - ┐(´ー`)┌
Rozen Zulu - Ugly looking suit and yells PSYCHO JAAMMAAA a lot and is very annoying please no one pick this.
Gerbera Tetra - ┐(´ー`)┌
Spiegel - I kind of like this suit and it can stay in the air for a while and runs like a silly ninja.
Throne Drei - Cute pilot voice also gets to float in the air and help partner while casting a beautiful red butterfly wing. Top tier.
Stargazer - Majestic beauty ringlord suit that I find awkward to use.
Gaia - ┐(´ー`)┌
Kapool - Regen health and when you use a chat command the pilot pops out of the top of the kapool. Hnnngggg Sochie.

Victory - Looks fucking silly when all its parts are missing
Efreet - Kind of cool and I like exam system. But it's ugly.
Duel -┐(´ー`)┌



Awesome OT, but I didn't realize I wouldn't be getting Rhythm Emotion with the standard edition that I preordered yesterday.

I need to be alone for a while. :|


Holy shit what a Gif intensive thread but so fucking worth it. This looks amazing. I wish it was for the Vita as well. Damn that looks fun.
Does the game have any English options and what are the translation options like online so I can figure out what's going on? (I have to go so I only skimmed the OP.)


pumped up to Premium G because why the hell not

see you all online, I got a nice arcade stick this time!
Considering buying a PS3 for this and P5. Would online be viable if I am in Brazil and tries to play someone in USA?

Also how do I set a japanese PSN account since I need it to play online?


Considering buying a PS3 for this and P5. Would online be viable if I am in Brazil and tries to play someone in USA?
Probably not great, but still better than trying to play with Japan, I'll wager.

Also how do I set a japanese PSN account since I need it to play online?
When you're making a new PSN account on the system, just select "Japan" for your country of residence, and enter your completely legitimate Japanese address which totally isn't a hotel or shopping mall or something like that, don't be silly. Yep, it's that simple.
Does the game have any English options and what are the translation options like online so I can figure out what's going on? (I have to go so I only skimmed the OP.)

Unsure of Full Boost, but I know at the very least the main menu is in English. EXVS had small english text above each menu selection, so hopefully there's that here as well. I will post translations as they come out. It's really easy to navigate through anyway as I don't know Japanese as well.

"kinda like"? No. Love? Yes.

I won't be the one in this house getting the game so it looks like I'll have to get my own online pass.

Lucky for you Full Boost is made by essentially the same leads who did Gotcha Force. :)


I am so hype to play with GAF this time around! Never knew there was a community for this series here until a month ago.
I take it this isn't going to get localized...

Is Namco Bandai going to localize this game?
On a more serious note, this game has been added to the official list of games to be played at So Cal Regionals, so if a good showing is made there and thus pushes other fighting game events to add it, perhaps a convincing argument can be made for the series to come to the West. More info about the So Cal Regionals showing below.​

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Great OT.

Big Gundam fan but the initial price and the fact that I can't play online on my main account are really throwing me off.



No one wants a throne you've been sitting on!
Great OT.

Big Gundam fan but the initial price and the fact that I can't play online on my main account are really throwing me off.

Id say for all the content the game offers the price is worth it. The whole new online pass stuff is yeah a bit shit though.


No one wants a throne you've been sitting on!
Can you have multiple PSN accounts? And I can buy the DLC with an international credit card?

You will need to get point cards instead as the JP PSN does not take "foreign" CCs. Basically CCs that are not created within Japan / Have a Japanese billing address.
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