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GTA6 QA Tester leak


Oct 15, 2018
take with a grain of salt, could be bullshit, but it seems to be a high effort bullshit if thats the case.

"Anyways, RDR2’s engine is sorta a precursor to GTA 6. You might’ve noticed just how amazingly crafted and realistic the volumetric clouds were in RDR2’s skybox despite only ever being able to take in the skies in one mission (the hot air balloon one). This is because GTA 6 is reusing/building off the skybox in RDR2 since the game has a heavy emphasis on air travel. I’ve flown a military jet in the game (called the Sunsiege) and the world from above is truly a marvel: what Rockstar managed to achieve is extraordinary and will push the open world genre to unseen limits. It almost felt like a privilege being able to play the game, even in an unfinished state, before the world is ready to experience it. The game on ground level is still in early stages and wasn’t all that pretty, I can only imagine the final product though. All the main roads and streets were laid out but not everything was completed or fully detailed, lots of bland geography here and there - the artists still have a lot of work to touch up.

But the map is huge, like stupendously huge, hence the game’s emphasis on air travel. It makes GTA 5 look like a schoolyard playground. There are an array of atmospheric effects that bring out the life in everything. Light pollution, hurricane winds, morning fog, etc. I've never seen an open world game this realistic before.

Map: The playable game territory encompasses two major cities. Carcer City, which is sorta this dirty East Coast area based on Boston, MA - and Vice City, based on Miami Florida. Every individual county is named as well, I can’t remember the names right now (I think Scout County was one) The game is also divided into three states. I spent more time in Carcer since I found it to be the more interesting city, it is however easy to get lost in since a lot of the roads are so spirally and don’t always follow a classic grid pattern. The satire surrounding some of the historic US landmarks I discovered got a laugh out of me, I’ve encountered some deviant statues in the Charlestown knockoff area. I was told a historic tour would be a side attraction in the game. I also fast traveled via blue line train which took me to the airport area. There is also an abundance of towns, shanties, waterfronts, suburbs, hideouts and wilderness between the two cities, and a military base in the Florida region where I stole my jet. I did a couple fly overs but I didn’t get to digest the map in its entirety on foot. If you fly up high enough, you get this atmospheric bloom effect, think Google Earth. The countryside sorta transitions from Massachusetts-esque farmland and seasides (fishing is a minigame, didn’t get to play it), stretches of red oak forest and freeways treading through fields and towns, to marshy grassland, and eventually a swampy Florida countryside not unlike the bayou from RDR2, just way bigger and less misty. It’s a very long and gradual transition between the two cities but it’s a little awkward traveling from Boston to Miami without any other major US cities in between save some small towns. It's still well realized even in an unfinished state. There are also small chunks of islands based on the Keys (dubbed the “Chain” in GTA 6’s world) connected via a long highway based on the 7 Mile Bridge (i had lots of fun trying to survive a cop chase while crossing the entire bridge, which is really only like 2 miles long in the actual game). The aesthetic of VC’s area is very similar to the bayou and Gaurma from RDR2 (again, think “test mule”). The water effects are on par with Sea of Thieves, just stunning. There is underwater exploration as well but I didn’t spend too much time below the surface. Overall the map design is the most authentic yet in a Rockstar game. It doesn’t feel as gamey as RDR2 or GTA 5 where biomes felt compressed next to each other. They really went all out and it shows. I felt very overwhelmed exploring such a huge and richly detailed game world, I can't even remember everything. So many roads and huge spaces, it'll take many long hours to memorize this map without relying on the radar.

I didn’t get to play any minigames or story missions, in fact, I don’t even think the character I controlled was the actual protagonist. He looked like a generic NPC model, no voice overs or lines. Just an avatar to explore the world and test the game with. That isn’t to say the story isn’t in the works, it's well into production. I just didn’t get to play any of it. I do know that multiple protagonists are a thing, two of them might be siblings(?). One of them is an undercover cop or something (think Departed movie). Apparently the groundwork for mission design has been completely revamped. You can permanently abandon some missions or take different routes that sprout different consequences. Each protagonist can manufacture their own story beats, but in the end the overall storyline will stay intact so it’s still somewhat linear. Missions are mostly setpiece based from what I’ve been told. Again, I didn’t actually get to play any story missions but a fellow tester gave me a basic outline of it.

Lots of newly modeled cars too, I did spot a couple OG’s like the Sabre GT. The game sorta has this reboot aesthetic if that makes sense. A lot of samey qualities that make up a GTA game, but more detailed than ever. I saw a newer looking Lamborghini on Ocean Side that I could tell was supposed to be an infernus, even though it was a different model than the one featured in GTA 4 and 5. I didn’t see any returning vehicles from the GTA Online expansions, like I said all the core vehicle designs seem to be rebooted with the exception of a few vintage cars like the Sabre. Gunplay felt somewhat unfinished when I played it, almost identical to GTA 5’s with a clunky cover system. I’ve been told it’s gonna get retooled eventually. Running and climbing animations also aren’t 100% complete yet, sorta these placeholder animations borrowed from either GTA 5 or RDR2. Driving also feels like GTA 5 in the state I played it. Everything gameplay wise was placeholdery. I’ve been told the map is the priority right now and the gameplay mechanics are still in the process of being refactored to provide a “more immersive experience.” Although I was told first person will be included, it wasn’t ready or available in the version I played. No radio stations either when I played, or ambient tracks. My biggest takeaway was the open world. It is insane, I can’t understate it enough. The game is absolutely titanic. I can only imagine it in its finished state. I’m not sure what Rockstar’s ultimate vision is with this game. Mechanically it’s still very GTA, but it is a technological beast. A splendor of modern game design and a Hollywood budget. I don’t even wanna know how much money they poured into it.

HUD: basic circular radar like in RDR2 and GTA 4, seemed very beta-ish. Generic stock text fonts for vehicle names and ammo count, seems like they haven’t picked a font yet. Weapon wheel is back with generic black&white placeholder images for the weapons I was able to use (AK47, Pump shotgun, a glock, baseball bat; to name a few).

Police: very robust and tactical AI. Apparently the devs are pushing this new AI trick called “Paired AI” where teams of adversaries like NOOSE agents or cops can split into teams of two to flank the player. They programmed some sort of buddy-trust system for cops to communicate realistically and feel more like a team. Something they aimed for but couldn’t quite achieve in GTA 5. Didn’t really notice it any of the policies shootouts I had. What I did notice was a team of NOOSE guys cover-walking side by side with a slowly rolling swat van. Felt straight out of a Hollywood movie. NOOSE can also use riot shields and tear gas via grenade launcher. Police will sometimes open the trunk of their cruiser to pull out an AR or shotgun. Lots of realistic touches like that. 6 stars is also back, then the military spawns in. It takes a while for them to arrive, to give the player some prep time, they actually travel from the military base in real time to confront the player. They are very challenging once they start using jets. You can also disarm police with certain melee prompts.

Final impressions: really feels like Rockstar’s ultimate game, a game so big and realistic they could retire in peace and never have to make another GTA. I just don’t see how they can top this, they really went all out on the open world. I can’t wait to see it in its final form when all the detail, polish and mechanics are complete. The wait is worth it.

TL;DR: I QA tested the gameplay mechanics and exploration in early stages of GTA 6. I saw and did a lot of things. The map is huge.

Anyway, that’s all I’ll share for now. Not sure if anyone will even catch this. I’m using a throwaway for obvious reasons. Just thought a leak would be fun to sate the fans a bit. I am confident I won’t get caught, so I’m not worried too much about that part. This will probably get removed, unless Rockstar wants to be coy and ignore this massive leak. I will answer as many comments as I can. Ask anything you want. Cheers!"

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Aug 18, 2006
Nothing like the previous leaks. If bogus someone spent way too much time


Aug 17, 2019
RDR will always be the testing grounds/prototype for GTA.

They make the engine get used to it by having a simpler world and then build on top of it.

It's the smartest thing to do and obvious.
I just hope that GTA6 is a whole "make fun of sjw idiots"thing.

They should add a SJW intro mission where you play a SJW and can't do anything because everyone is triggered. Then the mission ends after 2minutes and the real main character lays down the controller says:"fuck this boring shit" throws the game SJW6 into the bin and then the real first mission starts.
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Aug 22, 2014
so the game is Grand Theft Auto but according to the author the heavy emphasis is on air travel... 🙄 And not only that, Rockstar is first focusing on refining the air travel and detail before they start fleshing out the city designs and detail??

i didn’t realize what a genre video game fan fiction is.

Despite the phony story above I am confident whatever based Rockstar releases next will be the event and game of the year like all their previous releases and after the praise we can bathe in their online centric micro transactions. But the above story ain’t it.


Nov 24, 2014
Calling Fake due to this:

  1. Carcer City is from Manhunt, yes it exists in GTA's world ( there is references to it in GTA3 for example) but I'd imagine that a Manhunt 3 or remake would want to reuse it
  2. 2 Cities? as big ad as vast as RDR2's map is, theres not a lot going on in the wild areas, this is a lot harder to do in a modern-day setting as Cities/States have a lot in between
  3. Focused on Air Travel? Did he not even know what GTA stands for?
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Jan 9, 2018


Dec 10, 2019
RDR will always be the testing grounds/prototype for GTA.

They make the engine get used to it by having a simpler world and then build on top of it.

It's the smartest thing to do and obvious.
I just hope that GTA6 is a whole "make fun of sjw idiots"thing.

They should add a SJW intro mission where you play a SJW and can't do anything because everyone is triggered. Then the mission ends after 2minutes and the real main character lays down the controller says:"fuck this boring shit" throws the game SJW6 into the bin and then the real first mission starts.

What brought you to this conclusion in all honesty? I'm curious because that doesn't sound remotely like what they've done already.

Boss Mog

Dec 12, 2013
I doubt GTA6 will be next gen only so it will be limited due to current gen limitations therefor I'm not expecting anything too crazy.


Dec 20, 2018
Glad they are making the map even bigger with better police AI and physics, hopefully pc version will be same day because GTA 6 is not a game I’ll play on console due to better visuals and mod support being so crucial for massive open world game like this. Locked at 30fps also makes it terrible if air travel and so much action is involved.


Apr 15, 2018
obviously fake. QA testers are not sat down and given an in-depth interview about the physics and changes from game to game. You play a slice and are told to look for bugs. That is it.
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Jul 26, 2018
Hopefully Rockstar will finally release the PC version alongside their console versions. This double-dip/triple-dip thing needs to stop.


Feb 19, 2018
Kotaku: GTA6 is transphobic.

Literally every GTA could be 'transphobic' if people don't understand the satire. Theres so much non-PC stuff, obviously it's done in a clever way but I think the next game will come under loads of scrutiny if they follow GTA5 (which they should, the writing in GTA 5 is unironically some of the very best in video games to this day)


Gold Member
Mar 21, 2013
Someone went through a lot of effort there. I can see air travel between two disparate states if they're far apart but you had air vehicles in GTA V. They don't need to be a big focus and I think that's where the whole thing falls down. They've been making great skies since RDR1 at least, so the efforts has always been there. Driveclub also put a lot of volumetrics in there, didn't mean we started racing choppers.

Seems like the leak covers everything that could or may possibly be to say it was like 60% accurate and the other stuff must have been cut.



Oct 31, 2018
Carcer City definitely isn't the main city anyway. Doesn't have a nice ring to it like Vice, Liberty or Los Santos. If its a second city then fair enough.


Jun 9, 2004
I want it to be VR only just to see the reactions...

...but realistically I don’t see how they’d do cross gen at this point. Pull that bandaid off and go for broke. Make the most ambitious open world ever like the OP describes. Fuck current gen consoles, put it out in 2021 or whenever, because the current GTA online cash cow will sustain the company forever
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Neo Member
Dec 25, 2019
This could work but in my opinion they should find a way to make it way less air travel, if we are being honest that is way to much travel