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GTA VI Will Take Players All Over the World, Game Could Last 500 Hours, Says Michael Pachter


It's Pachter, so I have skeptical hypo eyes on rn.

But honestly, I believe that GTA will eventually turn into a live service/GaaS game. It'll still be a single player game, along with being a MMO style game, but it'll start off with one city/section then other cities will be added as expansions or DLC. They'll just updated the engine as it goes, with maybe a full rework every generation and a half. I know some would absolutely hate this, but it might not be so bad guys.

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It is him again the man the legend himself michael patcher returns and shake gaf with his greatness
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You will enjoy it,
You will buy the remaster
You will buy the Xbox Extreme and Ps6 versions.


However, I did buy it to ps3, xbox one, and pc a week before it went free on epic games store lol.

But no, even if I got a next gen i wouldn't buy the upgrade because AFAIK its only for the campaign and besides Trevor it was boring AF


Pachter BS, Rockstar repeatedly said over the decades(!) that there will never be a GTA outside of the USA because it is tied to the brand. Of course that doesn't mean that there won't be a GTA style game from Rockstar outside the USA but not with the GTA branding.


This guy again? Jesus... GTA V was release in 2013 and still they are releasing version for it 9yr later so the same would be for GTA VI. Will probably buy GTA V for PS5 for $10. I have never played it. So for GTA VI would probably do the same 9 or 10yr later will buy it maybe.
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After his IQ-lowering statements on RDX, I don't think anyone should listen to what he says with any serious believability.

Besides there are people who've easily put 500+ hours into GTA V between campaign, side missions and GTA Online, so how is a big new piece of juicy speculation? It's not 😂.
I wish I could auto ignore all threads including the word "Pachter" in title. He doesn't deserve any attention 99% of the time.
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All these years later I still chuckle at what a fucking moron that guy is.
Michael Pachter is full of shit, please stop making threads about his bullshit.


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And yet, his aim is to get people to keep talking about him and his statements to stay relevant.

Can we stop linking this clown here?


500 hours between online and single player. I'm pretty sure after GTA v, the next one will have both modes mixed together. You will be able to play single player and online, just like you change characters on GTA v, you will do the same between the main characters of the story mode and your online character.


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Whether he's right or wrong, this game is going to fucking destroy everything else in the open world genre. Like - It wont even be close to having competition.

R* are the one and only true kings of Open World



As noted by games analyst Michael Pachter (managing director of equity research at Wedbush Securities), the development of GTA VI began in earnest between 2014 and 2015. The reason that's behind such a long development time is the sheer scale of the game.

According to his sources, GTA VI will reportedly feature multiple locations from all the previous games in the franchise. The game might be so huge as to last 500 hours, he added.
We are talking about of the same 200 hours (I don't remind the precise number) in Dying Light 2? Because I ended it and I can say it was an huge PR bullshit; the main campaign is even shorter than the first, the rest of the game is just bloated with boring side missions totally pointless and repetitive as the hell.
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