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GTA V (PS5) currently up on the PS Store at 75% off ($9.99/€9,99) until June 14 and can be pre-loaded now


Hype Train conductor. Works harder than it steams.
A 9 year-old PS360 game going for only 10€?

Wow. What a bargain.
If it was actually the PS3 version you might have a point, hell if it was the PS4 I'd give ya that.
But as it's a Remastered version for current gen.
It's pretty good.
Although I wished they remastered GTAIV instead.
This is too soon.


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
Rockstar made GTA V a 3 generation game (PS3, PS4, and now PS5)


how generous of rockstar! thank you rockstar! :rolleyes:

should be free if you already own the PS4 version and you should've got the PS4 version if you bought the PS3 version.
For 10 bucks i would buy again on PC but it's clear now there is no PC Version.
don't worry, they'll put that out next year. rockstar always treats PC players like the scum trash they are! (/s)


Can the one person on this planet who doesn't own GTAV PS4 check and see if it's $9.99? This might just be an upgrade price.


Can the one person on this planet who doesn't own GTAV PS4 check and see if it's $9.99? This might just be an upgrade price.
It is on PS5:
GTAV: $9.99
GTAV Online: Free

I don't own GTAV in any platform.
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Just bought it even though I felt a little dirty doing it.

For 3 months, after 14th June it becomes paid-for as well.
Yes obviously as stated in the threads, as with all the deals here.
The $10 PS5 deal, free GTA Online PS5 deal, and $30/$20 Series X deal will ALL end in June.
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Can the one person on this planet who doesn't own GTAV PS4 check and see if it's $9.99? This might just be an upgrade price.
Confirmed (not an upgrade price). It was almost surreal to see that price. :messenger_tears_of_joy:

If anyone is unsure how to find on console, just go to GTA PS4 page. Select option for all versions. Multiplayer is there for free confirmed, and single player is 9.99 confirmed. Still cannot believe it. Fully expected 59.99 at launch.


This is not a remake like the PS2 Trilogy...

This is gonna be a patch, basically the PC version maxed out for next-gen consoles...

How can it be a disaster for 10 dollars???
It’s never a good sign when they don’t show footage before the release. Never


Visuals above the PC version's highest settings, raytracing, DualSense features, HDR, 3D audio... how are $10 too expensive for all that?
Variable frame rates, frame drops and glitches all around.

I’m assuming all those are in the game until they show some gameplay. They’ve lost my trust


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
I'm seeing a lot of people post they've never played GTA V before.

First of all, how the fuck did that even happen.

Second, even if you've played, $10 is a fucking steal for a great campaign, especially one that comes with next gen enhancements.

I might just get the $20 Xbox version unless it's fucking trash fire like that GTA Definitive.


Never played GTA V. The only game i have ever finished from Rockstar is RDR1 even haven't played RDR2 friends with the same taste as me told me is the gameplay is very slow and seems like a 10 year old game in gameplay. For 10 with next gen update is very good. I think i will buy it. Will wait for review and see the game.
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This update makes me happy about losing my save a long while ago which prevented me from finishing it. Perhaps now I shall.


They could easily charge full price so I think this deal is a fair compromise tbh. Did people bitch to disney about getting a free upgrade to DVDs for their VHS purchases or to Blu-ray for their DVD purchases? No, Disney charged full price and people rebought them. I'm not saying I condone, just telling it how it is.
Holy false equivalencies, Batman!

Upgrade should've been free.
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