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GTA Trilogy 1.04 Patch Notes


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Did they just post the source code? Oh? That's the patch notes?

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That's a lot of fixes I guess. But why did they release the game THAT unfinished?
It's irrelevant now.
But its most likely forced by shareholders \ publishers or something that NEEDS to happen right away.

Most people are extremely impatient when it comes to game releases and get mad easily when its not perfect when released early.
I'll never understand that mentality.

As long as it gets fixed, it doesn't matter how buggy it starts out.

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That's a lot of fixes I guess. But why did they release the game THAT unfinished?
Rockstar isn't the same company they used to be. They used to be a counterculture company that put out edgy and superior software. Now they re-release the same tired game over multiple generations and hire low quality "woke" developers like Grove Street Games which already had a shitty track record to begin with for their products and allow them to censor their products and release glitchy, broken crap with their biggest IP's name on it. They're no longer the "cool" company. They've joined the ranks of EA and other shitty corporate AAA gaming publishers.
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I want to reward them, so I’ll purchase the game when it drops to $5
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Maybe by the end of the year this trilogy will be in better shape.
It absolutely does NOT deserve the subtitle “Definitive Edition.” 😢


Yesterday in San Andreas I was playing the mission where Sweet in in the hotel and you’re battling the Swat team.

CJ gets stuck in a crouching animation unable to fire his gun. Not crouching solves the issue but I’d naturally crouch to reduce damage taken and find my gun unable to fire.

Closed App. Only issue I’ve experienced but it’s a major one imo


Rockstar didn’t, Grove Street Games did. It’s still a shambles, but the blame doesn’t fall entirely on Rockstar.
Rockstar approved it and then pretended to be shocked that it wasn't up to their standards. If anything datamining the game shows Rockstar QA reporting issues for GSG to fix.


So by time it is patched up proper and around $10, then it should be sort of worth it.
Ha. I was able to pick this up with a coupon for $10 from Gamestop on Black Friday. Just wrapped up GTA III and am currently enjoying Vice City. Huge improvement from one game to the other. I just love Vice City. The music, the cars, everything.

I didn't see any major bugs in GTA III. It was janky as all hell and I can't remember if that was how it always was or part of the poor port.
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