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What game is this??

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I remember being impressed by Resident Evil 3 back in the day, but it has been a while since I played it.


And they made him a Lord of Cinder. Not for virtue, but for might. Such is a lord, I suppose. But here I ask. Do we have a sodding chance?
Anything with good pre rendered backgrounds still looks great, if a bit blurry.
Chrono Cross, FFIX, Legend of Dragoon , etc.

If anything they usually look better non emulated because otherwise the super sharp 3D models stand out too much from the blurry backgrounds (unless you have something like the Moguri Mod)

Also maybe not the most technically advanced but I love the look of Breath of Fire IV:
holy wow


What game is this??

Those look stunning. Do you mind sharing your configs/tools/shaders?

yes, I use DuckStation emulator. Widescreen mode for some game and PGXP fix and xBR texture filter (Select xBR can make long shaders compilation)

The shaders I use is


ScanlineType : 0
ScanlineIntensity : 0.19
ScanlinesThickness : 0.5
ScanlineBrightness : 2
ScanlineSpacing 0.25


EdgeStrenght 0.22
EdgeFilter : 2.25
EdgeThickness : 0.25
PaletteType : 1
UseYuvLuma : 1
ColourRounding : 0


BloomType : 5
BloomStrenght : 0.342
BlendStrengh 0.58
BlommDefocus : 2.7
BloomWidth : 8
BloomReds : 0.013
BloomGreens : 0.01
BloomBlues : 0.01
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Even though the PS1 is several years old now, some games that released for the Sony Playstation console are still graphically impressive to this day! Join TVGS as we take a look at some gameplay of the best looking and visually impressive PS1 games the system ever received!

Dino crisis 2, Driver 2, Wipeout 3, Ace combat 3, Resident evil 3, Soul Reaver and a few more.


Craft Bandicoot hacked the console to get more power, according to an ars technica interview with the creator.. think about it, compare the frame speed and detail, colours, with any other game


Craft Bandicoot hacked the console to get more power, according to an ars technica interview with the creator.. think about it, compare the frame speed and detail, colours, with any other game
Naughty Dog really are something else arent they. I remember 'Gamesmaster' magazine (and the tv show actually) say Crash Bandicoot was second only to Virtua Fighter 2 arcade in terms of graphics at that time. Now thats VERY hyperbolic, especially when you look at some of the arcade games around at that time, but no doubt Crash Bandicoot was amazing by PS1 standards.


I'll use mario galaxy as an example as it's a sort of best case scenario for 3d emulation of the 6th gen (equivalent) hardware. Cartoon visuals, bright colors.

I've played Mario galaxy on my crt trinitron, and on a high end lcd, and on emulation. On the crt it looked the best with a slightly softened, not harsh look, colors pop, motion is sublime. On dolphin, it immediately makes my eyes focus on the flaws : polygon count, textures etc.

I've really not seen a retro game that looks better emulated compared to on a crt or even a high end flat panel (that's not too large) and properly upscaled with an OSSC or something. In the end, you have to have enough detail for that high resolution to truly be a benefit, not to mention no amount of filters are a substitute for the originally intended display technology if a game uses scanline tricks or relies on the crt blur.

Not shitting on emulation btw, it's integral to the preservation of the medium. I'm particularly interested in Ps3 emulation at the moment, games are looking very promising in higher resolutions.
Always fascinated to retry a CRT after all these years. Digital foundry swears by them as do many people.

Also I miss light gun games I mean proper ones where you can't see the cursor on screen.


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a hidden gem, probably low budget, still impressive and ahead of its time
I was very impressed with the spell effects and GF summons in Final Fantasy VIII for the time. I remember comparing Blizzard to Blizzara and Blizzaga and feeling happy about the different power levels expressed by the different levels of visual grandeur. I still always compare those kinds of things in modern games, but back then was the most excited I ever got about it.

That was a hell of a thing they tried to do too where they had the pointy poly people running overlaid in front of amazing rendered cutscenes to try and make you feel like you were "in" the cutscene. Maybe it doesn't exactly have the intended effect but it's impressive in a way:

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