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Graphically Impressive DS Games


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Even though the Nintendo DS is several years old now, some games that released for the Nintendo’s Portable console are still graphically impressive to this day! Join TVGS as we take a look at some gameplay of the best looking and visually impressive NDS games the system ever received!

Okami, metroid, mario 64, mario kart, zelda are a few of the games from the video.


Cores, shaders and BIOS oh my!
Bleh list lifted off countless other top 10 grfx on DS lists and not even a 60fps video to show them off well as usual (Same for their shitty video about Dreamcast games, the fools). Also played on emulator and not even in native settings so looking nothing like they did on it.
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I thought spirit tracks and phantom hourglass both looked fantastic considering the hardware.

MP Hunters too looked great. I also though that GTA: Chinatown Wars looked great, though I think it's because it had a pretty cohesive art direction.


I always thought that Kingdom Hearts game was easily the most graphically impressive game on the system (even if the game itself wasn't very good)

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I'd say Resident Evil Deadly Silence but that game looks like ass unfortunately, lol. Just the prerendered backgrounds, clarity took a huge hit.

Ninja Gaiden comes to mind. As does Professor Layton. Dragon Quest 4-6 look good too, nothing super impressive but good art style.
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