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Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy | Original vs. Definitive Edition (Remastered)


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

GTA TRILOGY | Original vs. Definitive Edition (Remastered). This video showcases a comparison of gameplay, graphics & tiny details you missed in the trailer!

In this breakdown, we look at things that changed (upgraded/downgraded), like environment details, character models, effects like explosions, lighting, reflections & much more.
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Avatar potential is off che charts.


Definitely a much bigger upgrade than I expected. Now the question is if it actually plays well because even for the times those games released it was subpar in many ways gameplay wise.


This is the remaster. Looks PS3 to me...

The gameplay will be crazy fun I don't doubt but the graphics, not so hot.



Woke gta is clearly woke. They edited that one chicks breasts hanging out so it wasnt as prominent.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Side by side comparison between the new remastered version (Xbox Series X gameplay) and the 2005 PC version (with silent patch, widescreen fix and GImput) of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Footage of all the three cities, 20 missions, the countryside, forests, farms, moutains, flying, swimming, easter eggs, beautifull graphics, terrible bugs/glitches and more. The ultimate graphics comparison.

00:00 Los santos from above
00:45 Parachute jump into the city
02:01 Intro (In the Beginning)
04:57 Here we go again
06:00 Big Smoke
07:55 Sweet & Kendl
14:23 Flying with the Hydra
17:25 Ryder
22:03 Travelling to the coutryside
23:18 Farm
24:00 Tagging Up Turf
27:54 Jetpack
28:47 Cleaning the Hood
34:47 Drive-Thru
38:11 San Fierro from above
39:40 San Fierro Streets
40:50 Nines and AK's
44:48 Boat ride in San Fierro
45:58 Drive-By
48:01 There are no easter eggs up here/rain glitch
49:30 Sweet's Girl
52:11 Cesar Vialpando
59:08 Motorcycle ride in Las Venturas
1:01:20 High Stakes, Low Rider
01:04:29 Swimming
1:05:47 Beach
1:07:35 OG Loc
1:15:06 Life's a Beach
1:21:46 Running Dog
1:25:05 Las Venturas Streets
1:27:09 Wrong Side of the Tracks (Follow the train)
1:30:52 Home Invasion
1:36:12 Rain glitch again
1:37:49 Just Business
1:43:47 Video game in CJ's house
1:45:11 Catalyst
1:48:32 Robbing Uncle Sam
1:53:56 Madd Dogg's Rhymes
1:56:05 Vinewood
2:01:07 Countryside highway
2:02:21 Mount Chiliad
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NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

GTA Vice City The Definitive Edition Nintendo Switch vs Mobile 10th Anniversary Edition Grapics Comparison

So Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy The Definitive Editiona (pretty damn long title) was made by Grove Street Games, the vary same studio that bought us back GTA 10th Anniversary editions of cult classic for mobile devices - iOS and ANdroid. Let's compare them both and see how much do they differ?

Mobile version captured on Samsung Galaxy S20 in Dex Mode.
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