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Gran Turismo 7 Will Be More Like Classic GT Titles, Says Kazunori Yamauchi

John Wick

What's the point it's gonna be delayed like 8 times. This is one reason I just quit caring for GT, used to be a huge fan.
I think a lot of people are gonna be shocked how soon GT7 will release. I think due to the pandemic your probably looking at mid 2022 at the latest.


GT sport was great. But it was also kinda shitty that it was the only GT on the PS4 and it wasn't even a mainline title. Getting a license starting out with a crappy car and working up to the top, that's proper GT to me


You talking about GT Sports? Was always Online as far as I remember. IDK the state today, but when I played was require internet conection.
GTSport has never required an internet connection unless you want to play online and get the daily log on and mileage driven bonuses.


As for what new proposals he has in mind for Gran Turismo 7, Yamauchi said, “With Gran Turismo Sport, I think we were able to achieve our fairly ambitious design. That’s why with Gran Turismo 7, we’re carrying over elements that we brought out in Gran Turismo Sport like Championships, while also returning to a traditional full-scale experience like Gran Turismo 1 and 4 to offer the best Gran Turismo available. So fans of the old Gran Turismo may feel somewhat nostalgic.”

Chef kiss.

I loved the online elements of GT Sport but it was missing the carreer mode elements from the old GTs. Merging them together is hype as fuck.

Would love to see a B-Spec mode again, where you could manage drivers and watch the entire race from the replay cameras. The replays on the GT games are pure car porn.


This is probably my most anticipated game of the gen.

All the Gran Turismo OGs who loved GT Sport know how good this game could be. The series' older classic modes integrated with Sport's competitive online has the potential to be one of the greatest console racing games ever made (I'm not exaggerating).

Assuming they've already fine tuned/revamped some of Sport's annoyances like it's mediocre FFB, FOV in cockpit view, etc, then all they really need to do is bring the content (modes/cars/tracks). Sport launched with less than 200 cars (the price Kaz paid for his attention to detail), compared to Forza's 700~, which was its biggest critique. They've begun to outsource the car models so they might be able to double, or hopefully, triple Sport's launch cars. I also hope they drop Thrustmaster for Fanatec as their official racing wheel. Either way, I can't wait.


I used to love suping up the hoopties in GT3 to be 1/4 mile monsters.
That was the best part of the game. Actually, that was why I played it at all. Just like an RPG. Buy beat up used cars and slowly level them up to their max. Also cars you're really interested in owning IRL, filling up your garage with them.

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