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Gotham Knights Nightwing and Redhood gameplay demo Revealed


I'm not a big comics guy but could Red Hood always just create a temporary floating platform to jump off of lol? And what's with the Fortnite glider for Nightwing? It just pops out of nowhere and then vanishes and it looks like it'd weigh several thousand pounds in reality haha.


I think the graphics look good, no complaints on animation either. I don't really like batman gameplay though, it's lot button mashing.


We ain't outta here in ten minutes, we won't need no rocket to fly through space
Looks pretty underbaked. I don't think they're gonna make this look any more interesting in a matter of months.


Environments look nice. Some good texture quality. But it looks cross gen and i guess they couldn’t budget the time to get it out optimized on last gen. Kinda just looks like an Arkham game to me tbh
Disappointed in that showing. I thought the original reveal was alright but this was clunky and really lacked fluidity in combat. A poor showcase.

To say it’s been moved to current systems only I’m not seeing any clear improvements, I’d say it doesn’t look any better than Arkham Knight.

I hate saying this, what is it with some of these devs, we buy these new consoles and for the price of these games it’s like sacrilege for hoping for better than stuff like this.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up on Gamepass within its first year.


Pretty bland. As some others have said, Arkham Knight was how many years ago now? Seven? That game looks more polished than this, and people didn't even like the city being empty in that game. But back then, it was more accepted, since we knew that someday we may actually get a populated city in one of these games. And yet, here we are.

But this is why games are getting less exciting. There's nothing here we haven't seen before, and Rocksteady did it better. That's just the reality. So, you have to step it up a bit. And charging $300 for an extremely shitty looking CE isn't what people are looking for either. Though, I'm sure some will feel the need to buy that garbage.


Hmm, didn't really do much for me. Also funny it's cancelled on old-gen consoles because this screams mid-tier PS4/Xbox.


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The shit 30fps 1080p youtube may be obscuring some detail. Is there anything at 4k/60?
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My main disappointment is with the visuals, I think Arkham Knight looked better.

But outside of this... as usual I don't understand people. I thought this looked really great, the comparison with avengers are non sense, but it seems like it will be a forever running thing now, people constantly comparing every super hero games to avengers for some reason. It has an open world, it has stealth, actual missions and level design like the other Arkham games, and it looks like they even removed the levels on the ennemies (unless that's just for the video or an UI option), it just looks like an arkham game, but with the rest of the bat family and with optional coop, and that's really great.

But it seems like people decided to hate on this game since the beginning, just because it's not rocksteady and it's not about Batman, it's a shame that this project isn't allowed to exist for some people apparently, the concept is something I've been wanting since playing all the different heroes dlc episodes in Arkham Knight.

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Can we stop the "Origins was actually really good" revisionist bullshit now? It was always the worst one and this looks about the same. Not to say either were/will be bad, but not Rocksteady quality.

You're not entirely wrong but Origins has the best boss fights as well as the best atmosphere of all because snowy city>rainy city.
This is a pretty white bread looking game. Slow and a bit clunky compared to the Arkham games though I never did get around to playing Arkham Knight yet.
Why does it feel like the combat has less of a punch compared to the Arkham games? It looks so slow and floaty, especially Nightwing. Idk but this game gives the feeling it should stay in the oven for 1 year or more so it doesn't ship in a mediocre state. Combat is everything this game has, so they can't for the love of this fuck up its main appeal.

I love the Arkham games but this, currently, is a huge pass.

Reizo Ryuu

Any words whether this is going to be another GAAS? The fact that they haven't revealed anything else about the story than "Batman is gone. Now its up to you to defend Gotham" is worrying.
They confirmed ages ago in many interviews that this game isn't live service/gaas, there's no level gating either.
Another thing: Those distances between the goons on the roof, that's MMO-distance... and writing this... the whole vibe this game gives, is "DC Universe" but more like "DC UniWorse"...
I want it to be more grim and dark, just like most Batman-related content usually is. The banter between characters is so cringy.


This looks unacceptable for a 2022 game. It has no excuse for being this supbar. Outside of Cutscenes this looks like a remastered PS3 game with the same formulaic action RPG open world gameplay. The game just feels lifeless in both visuals and gameplay. There is very little impact and weight to the combat and there is very little to interact with the open environment other than combat. These game try to be realistic while feeling so cartoony.


I am sorry what...was that. From hyped to 0.
Hit registration feels off. Nothing more satisfying than shooting bb bullets at enemies. Gameplay was one thing I was always sold on Arkham but this feels weak.


If it’s a 30fps next gen only in 2022, it’s doa

Pretty much, people probably need to get their expectations checked after this reveal. This game will be a fucking mess I'm betting. I can't wait to hear about how the PC version runs...


Are the latest batch of fresh outta college game developers breastfed with varnish instead of milk?

What the heck is this trash?
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