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Gotham Knights Has Problems Beyond 30FPS - DF Tech Review - All Consoles Tested

Has there been patch I'm getting 60 fps 4k dlss quality ultra settings raytraycing
Yeah there was a patch yesterday and I saw someone on reddit mention it helped on PC quite a bit.

It’s pretty hitchy on SX but since I haven’t played before the patch, not sure if it improved much or not. So far at least outside of driving (which is pretty bad) it seems about as bad as playing the average From Software game; unstable but not totally distracting.


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The game runs totally fine on a 1080GTX. I did not check what it set the graphics to, but it seemed like high quality.
The whole intro ran great. An I ran around a little bit as Batgirl.

I think they inflated the requirements. This was at 1080p.
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