Google says Stadia is "alive and well"

Well, if they give extra money to Capcom with Stadia i don't see the problem with the service being alive, but no idea how many people actually use it 🤷‍♂️
Google shipped me a free Chromecast and a controller and I still can't be bothered to use it. Spent about 20 mins. playing AssCreed Odyssey with it before stopping. It basically does what it advertises, but much better experiences can be had with other hardware. I'm sure it has it's place, and almost assuredly it'll have a place in the future, but right now, it kind of is the ugly step-child.
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Google's periodical reminders are the only moment when i remember this thing is alive. Thanks Google, see you next quarter.


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It may be alive, but "well" it is not. There's no way this ends with any other outcome than Google killing it off like they do everything else that isn't a smashing success.


You know, even when falling into a giant pit, there’s a short moment you’re ‘’alive and well’’, still...

Until, you know...
Stadia is as alive as a crew of submariners that lost power to all systems and is sinking into the deep ocean. Yes, they are breathing, but at this point they know when they are going to die.
I have Stadia pro. It runs pretty fucking well I must say. I'm playing that new Star Wars game on it and it was given to me for free just for having stadia pro. Same with the stadia controller and a Google home. I don't use either of those but still it's worth noting. I don't get what all the shit talking is about. If you have 10mbs down it runs nearly perfectly. Xbox games pass streaming always lags for me a little but stadia is buttery smooth. Maybe don't knock it before you try it? Dunno.
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They've continued updating it with features and whatnot.

It's just not worth throwing hundreds of millions at games for them.

I bet they still think the concept will take off with consumers, and they don't want to not be ready.

Seems kind of like the approach Google took with Chromebooks. When they were first released a lot of people dismissed them as a joke (why would anyone pay for an entirely cloud based laptop) , underpowered etc. A decade later and every student has one.
I want one of the controllers for my collection, but that's about it. I've never seen one at any game store since it launched though. I've seen more Ouya stuff in the wild.
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