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God of War Ragnarok sells over 90k physical copies in Spain alone. One of the biggest Playstation releases in history

This over its first few days only and physical sales only. It's safe to say it sold more than GT5 overall since digital sales back then were really not good...and it may have outsold TLOU2 overall.

Interesting to see that in 2018, after PS4 being 4 years and half on the market, the single God of War SKU sold 67k physicals when the physical sales market was much stronger. Ragnarok, sold 55k on PS5 only, after 2 years in a much weaker physical sales market. Incredible results for the game...and if these are the results for Spain, imagine USA, Germany, etc...

Sales numbers taken from that other forum btw:

PS5 God of War Ragnarok: 55.000
PS4 God of War Ragnarok: 35.000

Gran Turismo 5: 92.000

PS4 The Last of Us Part 2: 90.000

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End: 78.000

PS4 God of War 2018: 67.000

PS5 Horizon Forbidden West: 23.300
PS4 Horizon Forbidden West: 19.350

PS5 Gran Turismo 7: 20.200
PS4 Gran Turismo 7: 11.800

PS5 Elden Ring: 26.800
PS4 Elden Ring: 17.850

PS4 Ghost of Tsushima: 30.000

Safe to say Ragnarok and TLOU2 are the only 1st party PS games that have surpassed 100k in Spain on week one with digital sales included. Chances are Ragnarok is the best selling one.

Source on Ragnarok's sales
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Good first week numbers for GoW.

I do wonder what PS5 hardware need to be, 7k seems good for 2022 but not sure about in general. Currently at 121.5k YTD, last year it was 275k.
Good first week numbers for GoW.

I do wonder what PS5 hardware need to be, 7k seems good for 2022 but not sure about in general. Currently at 121.5k YTD, last year it was 275k.
My bet? November Sony will focus in the USA. December their focus will be Europe (since they focus on Christmas more) and they will lose the month in there to Xbox.


For the context of Spain, this is a really huge debut week, specially for an exclusive. Counting digital copies it must be the best launch week for any PS exclusive ever in Spain, or at least must be super close to TLOU2.

Well deserved, it's an amazing game. After completing it I'm doing and the game is so fucking huge, it has a ton of side content and new areas, enemies and stuff not seen in the main story. I spent 39 hours for the main story and relatively small amount of side content, and from what I played in 2 or 3 worlds after completing it I think it may take me around 100 hours or more to get the 100%.

Right...i forgot the game on PS5 costs 80€ in Spain lmao.
Yep, but as usual some retailers had it cheaper. I got the PS4 SKU for 59€.

Should be higher. GOW 2018 hit 5m in 1 month.
Does this mean GR would hit 5m in 1 month?
First week numbers seem pretty similar or even higher compared to TLOU2 (because both the install base and % of sales that are digital grew since TLOU2 release), which sold over 4 million on its first weekend. So yes, very likely GoWR will sell over 5M in the first month.
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No surprise. Sony and it's PS5 are the most popular game platform over here I'd say by far, so a big exclusive from one of it's most beloved franchises should sell a lot.

Hell, I even have two people right now asking for me to lend them my PS4 Pro so they can buy the game, beat it and then resell it. Kratos is popular over here.
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