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Girlfriend Reviews - Redditor on Last of Us 2 subreddit sent death threats to himself and blamed us.


Saw this just now and wow, what a crazy story.

GF Reviews made two videos on TLOU2 last year, both positive and have seen their fanbase revolt against them simply for liking a video game. It's gotten to a point where they consistently get death threats and are constantly harrassed by the Last of Us 2 subreddit.

Recently, GF Reviews tweeted out two death threats/mean tweets that were posted on that subreddit, and one of those users emailed GF Reviews saying that their fanbase is now sending HIM death threats. GF Reviews did some investigation and found that the user used his own fake accounts to send himself death threats, and he ended up deleting all his email accounts, reddit accounts and even his own Google App developer page.

GF reviews outs him on the subreddit, but this time the mods turn on them, and accuse them of making up the whole thing. They are harrassed even more and the cycle continues. Now worse than ever.

Full video here: Must watch IMO.

My Thoughts? I did not 'get' the last of us 2. I thought their 'Understanding the Last of us Part 2' video was excellent and helped me finally understand what Druckman was trying to do with the story. I still dont like the story, I do not care for Abby, and I have grown to dislike even the gameplay since last year. However, this kind of harassment is exactly what we hate about cancel culture. People are allowed to like or dislike TLOU2. It's not the worst game in the world. As someone who has grown to dislike this game, I hate that these are the kind of nutjobs I am aligning myself with. And no, as they pointed out, it's not just one nutjob. The entire subreddit including the mods on that subreddit are that hostile.
show yours lets see if its punchable
Utterly stupid. Also, people sending death threat on internet are probably the most softballs in real life who never act tough.

I liked their early entertaining videos but don't really agree with many of their recent reviews so I just unsubbed, it's okay not to like something but you need at least to remain your humanity diginity.


in all seriousness.
what people were expecting. nowadays people get (what's the word?) canceled by random posts on Twitter. of course, people will take advantage of the system
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I guess I need to play this game some day, I want to see what the fuss is all about when adults (?) are invested enough to send death threats.

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Personally I liked the idea of exploring revenge as a concept and that actions we take can have unforseen consequences down the line but I thought it was poorly executed overall. Technically the game is superb and the gameplay holds up well despite mostly playing it safe. However, the story, the pacing, and the amount of useless fluff hurts the game in my opinion. Personally I also didn't like the fact that ND went out of their way to make Abby look like He-man, it's unrealistic in my view and there was zero need for it, same goes for the trans kid victim narrative, it just feels forced on and brings nothing of value to the story.

That being said I would still rate the game a solid 8/10 and recommend playing it, it's just not my GOTY. I gotta say though, making a sub-reddit specifically to bitch about the game and harass people who like it is beyond pathetic.


Man, people are still this butt hurt over the game?
I mean I though it was Ok but disappointing, and it has severely lowered my hype and excitement for future ND games.
But it's just a videogame...and it has been a whole fucking year.


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I don't see why people are clinging so hard to TLOU2 crusade on either end. It was a fine game. Looked great. Good voice acting. Refined PS3/360 gameplay that didn't reinvent the wheel but was probably the apex of what you can do with that style of game without changing the core mechanics. The story was stupid in a few spots, but most of my issues with it come from pacing, and not enough time to let characters and their relationships breathe to earn the weight to the repercussions that take place in the story. Also, Dina and the other pregnant chick are obnoxious characters. But it's nothing to like...take up sword and shield over.

I think anyone expecting lightning to strike twice was going to be disappointed. TLOU was pretty much the perfect game for it's genre, with fantastic pacing and writing. It was never going to be able to top itself.

As for this dumbassery, like...it's not that important, my dude. I've seen murderers do less to cover their tracks than this guy put into trolling. This is the reason why people who dislike the game are all lumped into the "crazy bigoted incel gamergate," group. You're not helping our cause, or your own. Get a girlfriend, a job, maybe a pet. Something.
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