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Ghost of Tsushima - Sucker Punch Explain How They Made a Masterpiece (PlayStation Access)

83% Metacritic with 122 reviews in.
not sure about ‘Masterpiece’.
Yeah because a particular range of scores is what defines which game is a "masterpiece". According to scores "Ni Oh" is "closer to a masterpiece" than Ghost of Tsushima and that is laughable. All the flaws you could point to in GoT are in Ni Oh and plenty more, for example.
Ok cool,make a new Infamous.


Good game that became WAY overrated because people really wanted to send a message to TLOU Part 2.

Finished it at launch and I'm replaying ir rn on PS5, and its really good. But its also very flawed: camera 20 m away from conversations so you dont notice the shitty lipsync, way too samey quest design, story feels stretched out and etc.


How come if there is any news about any game these days where the devs talk about how they made their game, the title is like "XYZ talks about how they created the Masterpiece ABC".
I remember early 2000 when games got destroyed in reviews and you had everything between 20 - 90 in ratings where these days, literally every game is a "Masterpiece" and the only ratings left are 80-100.


83% Metacritic with 122 reviews in.
not sure about ‘Masterpiece’.
  • The Last of Us Part II - 307
    • Media Outlets: 199 | Readers' Choice: 108
  • Ghost of Tsushima - 66
    • Media Outlets: 55 | Readers' Choice: 11
  • Hades - 65
    • Media Outlets: 61 | Readers' Choice: 4
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