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Ghost of Tsushima PS5 "killed" my PS5 twice in ~ 30 minutes. Anyone else have issues?


Dec 9, 2008
Gothenburg, Sweden
The error message after booting literally says "there was a problem with the system software" so I'm not too worried anymore about my PS5 being defective. Googling the error code returns a ton of posts about people having issues, so fortunately it's not an isolated incident.

It's very annoying for sure, but not worth factory-resetting my entire PS5. At least, not at the moment. It's just kinda clunky and not an experience you'd want from a gaming console.

You should definitely try factory resetting it to see if that fixes it. If it doesn't, it's probably a hardware issue (which might very well cause what the console sees as a system software error), and then it's better to know that right?

But I guess you can wait and see if it happens in any other games.
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Jan 23, 2020
What do I mean with "killed my PS5"?

Out of nowhere:

- Screen goes black
- White console lights go out
- Controller light goes out

It's straight up dead in the water as if someone janked the power plug. Pressing the button on the controller brings the console back but it does a slow boot and I get a "there was a system error" message. After sending an error log to Sony it boots back to the main menu and everything is fine.

So yeah this happened once [never happened with any other game before] and I thought sure, things can happen. But then it happened again. And that's making me a bit nervous.

Anyone else encounter this? I'm fairly alarmed, I don't wanna fry my PS5 or something. Both game and console are updated to their latest versions.
Here's my account of the exact same thing happening. I should mention that I have played GoT since and the issues hasn't repeated after the steps I described.

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Feb 28, 2020
I finished Iki island and have been trying to finish up the Platinum and this just happened to me. Completely powered off the system, and had to repair the database when it restarted.

Just in time for the microsoft check to cash in!
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Apr 13, 2021
It sounds like he's talking about option 7 in PS5 Safe Mode:

Reset PS5 (Reinstall System Software) – Deletes all user data and removes PS5 system software. This will reset the PS5 system software to its original launch factory firmware state.
This does NOT roll back system firmware, it simply allows you to install the same firmware you were on or higher from USB. This is/was an option for PS4 as well.


Dec 8, 2019
I wish I was drinking coffee just to spit it over this.