Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island - PS5 4K Gameplay (Director's Cut)


Got my physical copy early, so here's some info and my thoughts:

- PS5 install size is 47.10 on console (though it says 65GB on the Disc Case. Confused on that)
- Iki Island DLC is on disc. None of that FF7 Remake Intermission DLC nonsense lol
- DLC can be accessed once Act 2 starts. You will get a notification.
- High Resolution Mode & High FPS mode.
- PR mentioned High Resolution is 4K 60FPS, but no word on FPS mode and what resolution it runs at. Seems redundant. Will confirm when they get more info.
- No in game HDR which is surprising for a PS Studios Title. I thought there was in game HDR on the PS4 version. I could be wrong. Still used the PS5 HDR option in system settings for the video capture
- Japansese lip sync is much better. Love it
- visuals on the new island are nice. Super attention to detail, like corals, moss and crabs on the shore and rocks.
- there is a target lock feature in the menu. Never knew this game had one considering at launch last year they didn't
- dualsense features are nice. Haptics are there for different moments, like horse riding, swords clashing, and when rain and thunder come on.
- But to me the textures are only slightly better if not similar to the PS5 free update they launched back when PS5 came out. Of course now with 4K visuals. This needs proper testing by either VG tech or DF for pixel counts
- New Ghost abilities in skill tree, and horse gets a new ability to dash through oncoming enemies.
- New Mythic tales to get new special armors and abilities
- New Shaman Type enemy. Buffs other enemies to increase attack rate. These guys are dangerous as hell. Get to them first and take them out.
- Side quests stories are present similar to main game
- Main story can take around 2-3 hours depending on if you rush.
- Exploring and finishing the whole island will take around 12- 15 hours. This is a substantial expansion. Basically a whole island.
- New Archery challenges to increase concentration in slow motion mode during Bow combat.
- The video shown below is pretty much the intro to the DLC. if you haven't played the main game skip the video. It has some SPOILERS as to endgame armor and intro to the expansion

That's it for now, if there's anything else, I'll add it. Been up all night playing this so gonna sleep for a bit. Ask question if you have any, I'll try to answer them when i get up. Cheers

PS5 4K Gameplay:

Launch Trailer:

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What other new skills are available that significantly impact gameplay?

You can spoiler tag them if you want, but that's the main thing I was interested in.


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What other new skills are available that significantly impact gameplay?

You can spoiler tag them if you want, but that's the main thing I was interested in.
So far I've only collected a new armor. There are more mythic tales but haven't gotten to it. Horse gets a new ability as I mentioned in OP. It can be upgraded.

i didn't finish main story yet (last Q),should i finish main campaign first or go to the ikki island?
You can start the DLC from Act 2. But i advise you to go after finishing the game as the enemies there are monsters. The new Shaman enemy type buffs the enemies to increase attack rate. I was on hard first time through. Haven't played since November. Got rekt for an hour lol.


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Thanks for the reply,i mean story wise cause i finished all quests but last one and only miss Shrines,bamboos etc,does it make sense to you got
to dlc before finish main story?


Well that answers the question of how fast the loading is. Less than a second to fast travel. PS5 has been delivering on the little to no loading in game optimized for it.
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I'm on act 2 and put the game down....not had a huge urge to go back....this could sway me, but I need to do returnal first!


Ill wait for digital foundry look at , thats if they do one considering the ps4 game work on ps5 in checkerboard 4k 60fps if the £10 upgrade fee is covering jap lipsync and dual sense and 3d audio and no visual difference between ps4 /ps5 game then ill stick with what i got and save the £10


Can't wait to come back to this game. I will also play Legends for the first time.

If you're not playing in Japanese, it seems the biggest difference is the haptics. I like some vibrating myself, but the PS5 upgrade seems less and less worth it.

It would be great if SP uses this game to get more and more experience with the hardware like Insomniac.
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