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Germs: Nerawareta Machi! Maybe the weirdest damn PS1 game ever...but let's hear alternatives!


I fully admit...I love "weird". As a gaming genre just being a "weird" game will always get me to play it. But just because something is capital W Weird doesn't mean it will be an interesting or intriguing experience.

Except when it is as weird and creepy as Germs...I am all for it! There is just something genuinely disconcerting about this game. Between the faceless visuals, the dissonant soundtrack that puts you on edge...and the fact that unless you speak / read Japanese you will have less than ZERO clue what in the shit is even going on.

But damn does this game just creep me out with its weirdness and even if I have no clue wtf is going on....I am there for it. Just walking around the world and encountering weirdness and creepiness around every corner is a super engrossing experience that is worth checking out. Plus the "soundtrack"...some of the best non-music I have found on PS1

but I am sure there are some weird ass games out there I've never heard about...just like how I assume most people on GAF haven't heard of Germs...so let me get some suggestions :)




another good one


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I remember playing some really weird games on Amiga 500, but I find it hard to find them nowadays because I have to search google by some vague recollection of some imagery from the first level or the like. I think I already told you about Apidya before, that has really weird boss designs (and great music).

BTW I'm really excited for the Metal Slug videos! I'm just Metal Slug maniac, its so iconic a game series for me, the best ones are just exactly what they need to be and nothing else, no overcomplication but still lots of secrets to discover.

edit - Also congrats on hitting over £50 a month for Patreon! You deserve it mate.
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Oddly, there is a Spanish translation patch for this game, but not English. At least I will be able to understand some of it, haha.
Anyone want to translate that?
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