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Gears Tactics - Series X: 4k/60, Series S 1440p/60fps, One X: 4K/30fps or 1440p/60fps, One S: 1080/30

Bernd Lauert

Apr 15, 2018
Gears Tactics will run at 4K/60fps on the Xbox Series X with a choice of 60 or 30fps for the cinematics — “not for any performance reason but more for just personal taste,” McRae says. The Series S will run the game at 1440p/60fps, while the One X will have the option for 4K/30fps or 1440p/60fps performance mode, and the One S is at 1080p/30fps.

One X vs Series S

“That’s a good question — it is better on the Series S,” says McRae. “It’s visually better — same resolution, same frame rate, but the CPU is so much better in the Series S and the Series X that we have a lot more ability to just draw more stuff. Even though the GPU is responsible for drawing, we still have to get it there off the CPU, and on the Xbox One X you’ll see that the visual quality is not quite as high as it is on the Series S in the performance mode.”
Microsoft’s multi-device Xbox strategy means that its new games need to run on a wide variety of hardware, all the way from the original 2013 Xbox One through the 4K-capable Xbox One X, the 1440p-targeting next-gen Series S, and the ultra-high-end Series X. According to McRae, though, tuning Gears Tactics for each system was simpler than making it work on PCs in the first place.

“It’s harder to make PC games,”
he says. “Tyler can attest to the fact that my workplace has a stack of GPUs — there’s just so much hardware on PC. You have different RAM configurations and different hard drive speeds and totally different vendors on GPUs and then just a huge range of drivers you have to worry about and CPUs. So it’s harder, but it’s kind of fun, too.”



My little VRR pleasure pearl goes vrrrooommm.
May 11, 2013
Wonder what he means about the 1440p modes on X1X and XSS, shadow quality etc are reduced on X1X, I wish he was a bit more specific.

Going to be an interesting comparison.
Nov 22, 2019
Pretty cool, however not sure if the game is good, here the OT/Review thread died pretty quickly...
That is your measure for game quality? The lifespans of an ot?
It is good. Wears off a bit near the end but a damn solid Xcom alternative.
It has a great overwatch system but it doesn't even come close to Xcom. Would love it if they pulled back on the narrative and went heavy with responding to outbreaks, studying new tech etc. Your Xcom bread and butter. Instead it has one of the worst inventory management systems I have ever seen and new equipment is literally earned through a lootbox system. It feels very restrictive to serve a story I honestly couldn't give a damn about. It's a damn shame, cause there is a lot of potential there. Beautiful game though. I get like 100fps on max settings at 1440.

Phoenix Point is the best alternative to Xcom right now if anyone is looking for one. It's kind of early access right now though but available on game pass (pc) and egs. The real release date is this December on steam.
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Jun 2, 2017
Pretty cool, however not sure if the game is good, here the OT/Review thread died pretty quickly...

I thought was pretty good. Its a nice little side story and change of pace for gears.

I dunno if i'd ever recommend someone pay full price for it, but if you got gamepass and like RTS games I think its a no brainer.

Its a nice looking strategy game too. The way they flipped the gears world is pretty cool
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Jan 12, 2018
So the one x can push for higher rez but the the SS can push higher frame rates. That’s what I’m getting here (and it makes sense, it’s a gpu vs cpu situation)


May 9, 2020
It is good. Wears off a bit near the end but a damn solid Xcom alternative.
It's not an Xcom alternative in the least. It simply has no replayability! What's worse - the actual story is well delivered but utterly meaningless & inconsequential. It has established a nice solid base in terms of gameplay feel but it lacks everything else. It's the Rage 2 syndrome.

If they do a 2nd it could be a great game but this one is stinkly mediocre & boring past the first boss. Wish it wasn't so but ehh, it is what it is.
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Jul 29, 2013
I had expected the XSS to be the 1080p to XSX's 4K, but I'm pleasantly surprised to see it pulling off 1440p. I played Tactics a bit and had fun, but I think SoR 4 came out a couple days later and I never came back to Tactics after that.
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Jun 5, 2011
Turn based, so I'd rather have 4k 30fps. XBX > XBSS.
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Dec 16, 2019
I'm surprised the Series S can't half the frame rate to double the resolution like the One X. Perhaps a ram limitation?
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