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Social News Community Gearbox Software co-founder Landon Montgomery has died

Elektro Demon

Shits and Giggles
Nov 9, 2019

Montgomery worked on the Half-Life, Halo and Borderlands series during his career.
Landon Montgomery, co-founder of Gearbox Software, has died. The news was confirmed by the official Gearbox Software Twitter account earlier today.

"We are heartbroken after learning today of the passing of one of our co-founders, Landon Montgomery," the statement reads. "In our earliest years, Landon played a big role in helping to set our path. We will always be thankful and remember him for being a part of our lives. During this trying time, our thoughts, support, and affection are with those who were closest to him."

Montgomery worked with some of the best known game series of the last decade, including Half-Life, Brothers in Arms, Halo: Combat Evolved and more. In the '90s he worked briefly with Bethesda Softworks as an artist and level designer. After co-founding Gearbox Software in 1999, Montgomery left the studio in 2010. At the time of his death he was employed by Nvidia, which was preceded by a short period spent as general manager of Daybreak Game Company.

Tributes have flown on social media, most notably from fellow Gearbox Software co-founder Randy Pitchford.