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Gearbox owner Embracer says it plans to continue its $8bn acquisition spree (VGC)



Since the start of 2020, the Swedish company has made 62 acquisitions at a cost of $8.1 billion.
And CEO Lars Wingefors reportedly told the Financial Times that he plans to make a similar number of acquisitions in the coming months and years.
Embracer, which has a market valuation of $9.9 billion, has 115 internal game development studios and 10 operating groups including THQ Nordic, Koch Media/Deep Silver, Saber Interactive and Gearbox Software.
“If you can make one game, you have a big business risk but if you make 200 games, like we do, the business risk is less,” he said.

More in the article! Sounds like Embracer is trying to make sure Tencent has nothing left to buy if Sony and Microsoft don't pick it up :messenger_grinning_sweat:
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9.9 billion total evaluation? Thats about the size of a big publisher, i dont think tencent, microsoft, or sony are concerned with Embracer.


Christ. Between MS, Embracer, NetEase and TenCent already, Sony cant afford to sit on their asses. To say nothing of companies like Amazon, Apple, Disney, Facebook, Google's attempta or aspirations at buying-in.
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This was what tons of people we're asking for, not realizing what it means when we consolidate. Companies buying buying up companies, making the pool of developers smaller and smaller. Less variety, less risk. I just don't see it as a good thing overall.


What is embracer end game? most of these small studios they buy won't even release a game
I think their CEO actually told us right in the article. I think their goal is to have so many teams producing so many games that some of them are bound to be hits. Flood the market with tons of games from your hundreds of studios. Some of your teams like Gearbox, 4A, and Volition will do the heavier lifting. Some teams produce lower budget but known franchises. Meanwhile, your tons of smaller teams just throw shit at a wall and see what sticks.


So they took over 8bln worth of studios and their total valuation is 10 bln? Where did the 8 bln for the aquistions came from then?
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