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Gaming terminology used by old school gamers which aren't used today


Dec 9, 2020
"Can I borrow that?"

I still swap games with a friend all the time and it's crazy to me that nobody brings that up in the physical vs digital discussions.
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Mar 1, 2010
all the words i used to yell at my mom when she picked up the phone downstairs

while i was downloading a sexi jpg from a BBS with my 56k modem
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Null Persp

Nov 15, 2020

And you were happy when a game asked to insert a disk that you never used, because it meant you found the correct solution to a puzzle.
DNAS, wasn't it?
After doing a little research, you are correct. It was DNAS for gaming and it looks like support for it ended fully in 2016. Strange that Action Replay could still connect to the server to update through the software. I imagine with a memory editor such as that, they had to have their own way to connect, as Sony didn't want any part of people cheating online games. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's why they DNAS to begin with.
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0G M3mbeR
Jun 6, 2004
Most of the ones I remember are ones used in multiplayer FPS back in the mid to late 90s

Somebody mentioned it a page Back , but LPB and HPB ( Low and high pinged bastard) were common phases back in the quake 1 and 2 days. Pretty much ways of of shaming somebody that had amazing or trash internet. (People below 100ms generally Called LPB people 250ms or over HPB). LPBs were hated by those with modems and everybody hated HPBs as their lag would cause them to skip around.

Telefragging - either spawning or going through a teleported when another player is in the same spot caused a death.

game specific ones like calling somebody a rocket whore or quad whore in quake. Also quake 1 somebody that grabs the lightning gun and waits for people to fight in the water and jumps in and discharges it killing themselves and others was a lightning bitch. Spamming ‘666’ to everybody on chat when somebody had the pentagram of protection (invincibility)

Flak slut (flak cannon), combo whore (using the shock rifle combo in crowded popular areas of the map over and over) in unreal tournament
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Oct 26, 2018
Virtual ram.

Back in the early 90s, 1 meg of ram was $50. So boosting a PC with 4 megs was $200.

My bro bought for $50 a program that was supposed to replicate that by I think caching space on the HDD, pretending to be a real ram chip.

I'm pretty sure it did absolutely nothing.
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Mar 20, 2013
My daughter has really gotten into Fortnite recently & I brought her a battle pass.

Then, like most kids, gets primarily driven by need for as many skins as possible, asks me to drop more money to directly buy some for her.

For this who don't know the whole point in the battle pass is to earn your own skins as you level up. I explain that when I was her age we didn't pay money to unlock stuff, That we had to earn in game rewards & unlockable through hard work.

She'll looked at me like that was the most pathetic thing ever & like I was a sucker for doing that.

It occurred to me that many kids first console will be a PS4 & that gaming culture & philosophy is extremely different to what we grew up with as kids.
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Dec 9, 2008
Gothenburg, Sweden
Sprites and parallax scrolling are definitely still a thing. Maybe the latter isn't talked about much today, but sprites are for sure. Mainly in 2D indies, but yeah.