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GameSpot: Uncharted 3 Is Still The Most Important Entry 10 Years Later

I really enjoyed 2 and 3. And I get having a preference. But they’re more or less the same game so I’ve never understood how 2 is so universally praised and 3 is the black sheep for a lot of people, especially over time.
Yes, the hyperbole (from some) is literally insane imho. The whole series is, by and large, the *same game*. Yes there are some differences, but when you hear people say that 2 is one of the greatest games ever made and 3 is utter garbage, I shake my head so hard it nearly falls off. :p

Personally 3 and TLL are my favorites in the series, but they're all on more or less even-footing in my view. Fun Indiana Jones treasure hunting romps. Good and easy popcorn fun.


Lol, what? Who is holding up Uncharted 4 above Uncharted 2 as the best in the series? Uncharted 2 is - almost universally - considered the best of the series by a not-small-and-rather-large margin. U4 split the audience - 70/30 in favour of positive reception - and attempted to trade the "fun" for "emotions". Uncharted 2 is the Uncharted.

I liked Uncharted 3 a lot - it's definitely better than 1 and 4 - but it shit the bed in the last quarter. I didn't mind it's attempt to do more with the characters, but it's really not that "important". The character plot points were little more than a distraction from what made Uncharted 2 so great - a pure rollercoaster adventure of a lifetime that had you glued to your PlayStation - and it left Uncharted 3 feeling like a lesser sequel that didn't quite hit the same highs. It's got great moments, still, and is a worthwhile entry.
I prefer U4 if only for the fact that the bullet sponge enemies of 1-3 are so boring to fight against
3 used to be one of my favourite Uncharted games but I started to hate it more each time I played it. On the contrary to 1 which I didn‘t like at first but it then grew on me. 🤷🏼‍♂️


Ughh another one.. Lol..

U2 > u1 > u3 > GA > u4

(never played lost legacy, figured after they ousted Amy and with druckman going all Anita worshipy /woke, I would hate it, as it would be some feminist screed and ruin Chole forever. Hopefully I am wrong and Chole remains a feminine character who can kick ass) how was the game? Did it have a good plot or were my concerns at the time justified?

Also uncharted 1 was amazing. Don't get why people hate it. Is it because you shoot a lot? I loved uc1. I also thought Golden abyss was super fun on the vita.

Henlo Fren,

U1 used to be on the top for me even before U3, but after playing the game on the hardest mode in the remasters with 2 shot death, I realized U1 is ridiculously hard even though it's focused, also when you play the games back to back, you realize how much superior the gameplay is in U3 aside from fun even though it lacks story. It was the same feeling with GA final boss with the damn motion controls and touch, I must have died a 100 times, it was more fun than UC1 but the damn Vita gimmicks ruined it (it also had the better story). U4 was great narrative, even though I don't like Sam and the retcon but he was very likable in LL. LL almost gave me the U2 vibes, its short, concise, great story telling and I got it for less than 15 when it was just supposed to be DLC. Tbqh U3>U1>GA are really very close to each other and love all these games. Whereas U4 sits in the middle somewhere as a middle ground, U2 and LL are really very amazing games.


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I still want to know what happened to character models in Uncharted 3.

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2 is easily still my favourite in the franchise. I still remember the first time I played it. It felt revolutionary.
I still think Uncharted 1 had the best story with the best intrigue. Gameplay was the worst of the series, but the story makes it more compelling to play than the clusterfuck that was Uncharted 3.

Uncharted 2 is the best of the series overall though. Even the multiplayer mode was great, with the crossover character skins (the helghast and the chimera soldiers in particular) being my favorite part. I don’t know why crossover character skins aren’t a thing anymore…
It had plenty of the moronic, standard--issue "women are great, men are idiots" male-feminist drivel in it, but overall that stuff was tolerable, and it's a great little game.

Them pretending Chloe was Indian all along pissed me off more, especially as they uglified her at the same time. First they pretended she was supposed to be Australian all along, and then Indian heritage. I wonder what's next for her? Transwomanhood?
The antagonist of Lost Legacy is my favorite of the series. I like how they made it impossible for Chloe or Nadine to beat him 1 on 1 and how Nadine was afraid of the guy. The feminist junk was annoying, but surprisingly the devs allowed the antagonist to be a very competent character.


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I really liked 3, not as much as I liked 2, but 2 was special and more memorable being a huge jump not only in the series, but set pieces in the action adventure genre of gaming.

But that opening in 3 is still fantastic and one of the most British things ever. Wish McTavish didn't have to leave due to scheduling conflicts, because the Cutter angle and Mission Impossible with the many masks that was supposed to be in the original script was all cut out due to that.
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I prefer U4 if only for the fact that the bullet sponge enemies of 1-3 are so boring to fight against

But they're still really spongey in 4. I don't understand why games have both the player character and NPCs be bullet sponges. It's just weird. Have enemies die in 1 or 2 shots (and always be knocked down by the first one, at least), then adjust the player health as required.


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You hear all the time how great Uncharted 2, and from the beginning Drake does his treasure hunting thing, each Uncharted after feels bigger than the last. Pumped for Uncharted 5.


3 sucked. They rushed it so hard they had to leave out the fun cheats to use when you replay. UC2 is the gem.
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