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Opinion Retro Trailer GameSpot: Remembering Perfect Dark - A Sci-Fi Fueled Goldeneye


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

When Perfect Dark released in 2000, it wasn't the sequel anyone had in mind for Goldeneye. Perfect Dark took Rare's FPS concept in a bold and interesting new direction introducing a brand new science fiction world. With a brand new Perfect Dark revealed to be in the works as of 2020, it's the ... dare I say, perfect time to look back.

Replaying Perfect Dark, I feel like FPS games just aren’t made like this anymore. And that’s both a positive thing and a shame at the same time. I think First Person Shooters have evolved the most of any genre since their advent with BattleZone, Doom, and Quake. Especially on consoles, where controls were always an issue and somehow, Rare made it work with the wonky N64 controller, even if it now feels incredibly dated. So - let’s take a look back at Perfect Dark.

As the game takes place in 2023, how crazy would it be if the brand new game released in 2023?


Jun 13, 2013
Terrific game with such an unbelievable feature set for a cartridge based game. Full voice acting, campaign levels that changed based on the difficulty, co-op mode, counter-agent mode, the challenge levels, and my Lord - the multiplayer feature set was truly mammoth.
An incredible achievement.


Dec 2, 2010
Yeah it was packed with content but the performance was so awful and the multiplayer so poorly designed that I could never get into it myself. Still I admire the ambition.


Mar 9, 2014
PD was one of those rare times when a highly anticipated game with very high expectations absolutely over delivered and smashed it. How could they possibly follow Goldeneye with a new IP in the same vein? Not only did they follow it but they improved it in every single way and really innovated in the genre. The campaign was fun and had loads of replayability but it was in the multiplayer where the game really shined for me. The number of parameters that could be tweaked seemed never ending and even after playing the game to death I never seemed to exhaust the ability to find fresh and fun game types. What a game!

Fuck it that it had a shit framerate, no one cared at the time!