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Games you gave another chance

Hey GAF, what are some games you gave another chance?

At some point I didn't understand DMC1, but one day it clicked and became one of my favorite games

Another one I'm considering giving another chance is RE5...for a long time I dismissed this game for not having atmosphere like RE games before it but ironically RE5 lines up more with my current tastes than it did in the past...action arcade feel, short length, and extra stuff to sweeten the deal like co op, mercenaries, etc.

So what say you, GAF? What are games you gave another chance or considering giving another chance?


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Getting the obvious answer in before a lot of people say From games. Hated Dark Souls 1 the first few times I tried it.

Third time, forced myself to sit down and get a little further. Something clicked, absolutely hooked, proceeded to play the rest in a row. Modern games had spoiled me.


I've given FFXII like 6 chances but I just hate it.

Gave Eyeshield 21 for the PS2 a second chance and it ended up being one of my favorite games of all time.

I've tried giving Silent Hill 4 a second shot but it's just too shitty.

I tried playing though RE5 again but without a co-op partner it's just boring encounter after boring encounter with awful controls.


Bioshock. Hated it at first. And then, months later it became one of my favorite games.
Hellblade. Didn't enjoyed it. An year later tried it again. Loved it.
MGS3. Hated the OG version. Loved Subsistence.


dark souls, I got it when it came out on pc but was way too noob for it,
played it again last year...was still too noob for it lol but played it for way longer


Game , cant remember .

But series , I gave total war 4 chance . Monster hunter series 3 chance . Anno series 4 chance .


RDR2. I got it at launch, played probably a few hours or so, hated the slow clunky movement and cumbersome controls, said yeah not for me and put it down. I picked it back up about a year and a half later and I could not put it down until i completed it. Something clicked, s maybe I wasn't in the right mindset for it at the time. It's a slow burn but a great story.

Games I forced myself to play and after multiple hours and attempts, I still don't like and that's both Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West and FarCry 5.
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When Halo first came out I hated it. I wasn't used to using two thumbsticks at the same time to individually control movement direction and view direction, and it made me feel kind of sick.

About a year later I forced myself to keep playing it, and the Halo campaigns (pre-343i) became some of my favorite games.


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Boring answer: Dark Souls/Bloodborne. Hated them at first but when they clicked I was in love.

Most recently I suppose CS:GO would be the game I gave a second chance. Bought it years ago but couldn't get into it. Played a few hours. Suddenly in the last few weeks I gave it another shot and I can't stop playing it lol. It's got a hook me so much that I deleted Rocket League which I'm been playing since 2015 and is easily my most played game of all time. I'm done with it and want to go all in with CSGO lol.
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My greatest historic example of this is Lost Odyssey.

I remember dropping it after I couldn't beat the first boss but picked it up months later and played through the entire game. Was a fantastic experience and I'm glad I gave it another shot.


I remember playing Shadow of the Colossus the first time in a store. I didn't understand much English at the time, so I couldn't understand the tutorials and since I didn't know what to do, I dismissed the game. I went with the intention of buying it and in the end I went with Resident Evil 4.
A week later a cousin brought the game to my house and taught me the basic mechanics. I bought the game the next day and stayed up all night until I finished it in one sitting. It became one of my all time favorites. Between the original, the remaster and the remake, I must have finished it 50 times easily.


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witcher 3 GIF

Took me a right few years to get into this, tried at least 2 times and just becoming bored and dropping it before finally it clicked on the 3rd attempt and ho boy it just consumed all my gaming time, ended up giving up on the final boss fight on the Blood And Wine expansion as I just can't kill the fucker and my previous saves are too far back to get better upgrades so eventually just admitted defeat and moved on but what a fucking stellar game especially in 60fps mode, the RT mode was shite


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Bloodborne. Ended up hating it even more.

I really did try to like it

On the positive end:

MGS5. Was pissed off they went open world and felt the world would feel empty and bland. But the gameplay was tight as hell
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Wticher 3, the game did not click with me due to how lame its combat were

However I do end up enjoy its story at the end

What keeps me going was the incentive to collect Gwent Cards which ultimately made me finished the game. Gwent was just so fucking fun
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Horizon: Zero Dawn.

First 3-4 hours, wasn't feeling it. Stepped away for 6 months, returned, and found it to be one of the better games of the generation.


OG Demon's Souls.

Said exactly what Shuhei said about it.

4 years later I finished it and it became one of my faves.


god of war, bought it on my ps4 and played it and just didn't gel with it. tried it again on PS5 with 60fps and it just felt right and what a game it was
Doom(2016). Played it a little and I was getting sick. in the second map, the desert out of the tutorial zone I got stuck( hey the game was making me sick) so I abandoned it. After TLOU 2 I tried it again, got sick again but tried to change the FOV. It was enough to make it passable and allow 1h or 2 of play before getting sick. Finished it after I finaly got unstuck. Amazing game. I would have played the sequel but people were saying that it was playing differently so I refrained until now.


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I hated monster hunter on psp, and now i'm a huge fan of the brand thanks to world.

Botw, i tried for 40 hours to like that game but nada, tried again for 15 hours and just had the same exact feelings, hopefully the sequel is gonna be vastly better.


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Hollow Knight. First time I played it, I dropped it for some reason. It just didn't click. Friend of mine like recommended it and I started playing it 2 weeks ago. Now I love it.
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DEATHLOOP. Didn't hate it at launch, but there was probably just more things out (and I remember dying on the Aleksis level and just saying "Fudge this.") Went back, beat it, loved it, and then went back and cleaned up some of the mysteries (which are like half the game).


Dark Souls, because of the infamous M+K controls. Hated the game. Then a modder patched them and I gave it a second try and it's now in my all time top 10.

Outer Wilds. The model flight training is absolutely awful and completely different to how you pilot your ship. "Do I have to subject myself to that shit? Fuck no!". Not sure why I gave it a second chance, like months after, but anyway I discovered how misleading flying that model was and now I love it.
Definitely MGS2 or rather the HD collection. Iirc the controls are so unintuitive compared to the standards that were set in the PS360 era, it felt unplayable. Came back to it some time later and liked both. Still can't figure out how the also included Metal Gear games are supposed to be played.
I guess similar with Hitman Collection, just other reason. The glitches are just terrible, and at first I wondered how anyone could have ever played this at all, but once you see the unique flow, when every gear just fits perfectly and the timing works out, it becomes a really unique experience.
RE or REmake or whatever. I tried I think 4 times always years apart and I just can't play it. Liked Eternal Darkness, but can't wrap my head around anything in RE and I die at the second or third enemy I encounter.
Similar with Dmc1. Tried it, seemed alright, just obviously old, came to the very first boss (or just stronger enemy?) and I have no idea what I am suppsoed to do to beat him or not die. Might try it later, but might skip it for Dmc2 and so on and see if those are more like Bayonetta and DmC.


Demon’s Souls. Redeemed it on PS Plus. Couldn’t get past Phalanx. Uninstalled.

My mum and dad went on holiday and left me with the house for a week. Plugged my PS3 in downstairs and thought ‘I’m going to crack this’. I knew I’d be gaming for 19 hours a day. This time I took to it like crack and I’d platinumed the game in about 4 days.

One of my favourite ever gaming experiences.


Serious Sam.
I hated it the first time and didn't even finish it: boring and repetitive level design, too long, not engaging after a while and just extremely frustrating.
Then, one day, I decided to give it a second chance since I didn't even finish it in the past...

I'm not even kidding when I say that the best part of the game is the ending. Not only because the game finally ENDS, but because there's something different rather than just the usual Kleer spam. So yeah I still hate it, but slightly less because of the finale and the music.

I wish I could have played it online because the gunplay was the only thing I didn't dislike. It was actually pretty fun.


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Bloodborne. Never played a FROM game before and I couldn't get past the first mob. Losing xp on death and no save, wtf is this?

Gave it another shot later after checking parts of a speedrun, looking for a challenge.

The rest is history.


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Took me a right few years to get into this, tried at least 2 times and just becoming bored and dropping it before finally it clicked on the 3rd attempt and ho boy it just consumed all my gaming time, ended up giving up on the final boss fight on the Blood And Wine expansion as I just can't kill the fucker and my previous saves are too far back to get better upgrades so eventually just admitted defeat and moved on but what a fucking stellar game especially in 60fps mode, the RT mode was shite

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Witcher 3. Still no where near beating it, but I at least got a lot farther in it than the first time.

I still can't get into Mass Effect, Bioshock or Metro. But I still try again every now and then.
So far I can't get into Metroid Prime either. Not sure Metroid in first person is for me.


The Witcher 3, i didn't like the combat for a long time then put up with it until i got the hang of it and loved the game.


Mortal Shell. I loved Souls games ever since importing a Japanese copy of Demons Souls, hooked from day one.
Was hyped for MS, it got good reviews and I hated it, it feels slow and floaty at the same time and has godawful feedback.
Tried again on PS5 and same, its just awful. Wont be trying it again.


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Zelda Breath of the Wild. I'm enjoying the game a lot more after starting over with a fresh perspective. Makes me look forward to TotK even more.


Oh I gave DS1R a second change but after beating O&S after my second try I somewhat lost interest =/ Still want to finish though 🌞
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  1. The Witcher 3 -- Started it a couple of times but didn't enjoy it enough to go beyond The White Orchard section. Clicked it on attempt #3. It still isn't my fav game by any means, but I did enjoy that one playthrough.
  2. Ratchet & Clank 2016 -- Played an hour before shelving it for a few months. I didn't enjoy much at that time. Came back to it after a few months and thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved it so much that I bought Rift Apart on day one and platinumed it.


Got it for the lad, it's the only thing he plays. Bored the ever loving poo out of me.

gave another try last night ironically, now i'm utterly hooked.


Going to continue getting the DC-3 running from a cold start later.

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I've given second chances to many games, whether I ended up enjoying them or not. Some of the positive experiments were Mega Man Legends, Xenogears, Earthbound, and the Dragon Quest series.

Most weren't so positive though. Tales games, Mana games, every Tri-Ace game.
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Hollow knight.
Several times in fact.
20 plus hours each time.
Still find it a slog.
Sotn utterly destroys it in every aspect.


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Final Fantasy VII Remake

Gave it 3 tries. Each time I get to around where Aerith joins and lose interest. The boring ass filler quests and endlessly yapping characters just kill any excitement I have.
Dragon Quest 11. I played the PC version for a few hours and stopped. Didn't hook me. Got the special edition on the Switch when it came out. 100% it when I was playing on the Switch. Such a fantastic game that I almost missed out on. Can't wait for 12.
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