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Games you can replay over and over again

Silent Hill 1 to 4 (yes even 4) are games that I revisit every few years. There's simply nothing like them anymore and after PT got cancelled there never will be.
I've played every Final Fantasy game many times. Especially, the NES/SNES ones

I may have beaten Resident Evil 1 50 times by now (split between the PS1 original and the Remake/Remake-remaster).


Final Fantasy X: Such enjoyable gameplay for a turn based JRPG without super confusing progression and strategies. The lore and story is also so deep, you notice something new every play through.
Super Mario 64: The camera sucks, but the way Mario controls and the level design is timeless.
Control: This game has a certain vibe that no other game has. That industrial, government brutalist, SCP vibes mixed with superhero gameplay is amazing and I can't get enough of it.
Chrono Trigger: The game doesn't waste your time and pacing is sublime.
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