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Games with great characters


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Games I know with generally good character/story writing are below. Some of them may have questionable moments but im cool with the overall thing:

Jak & Daxter (1-3)
Ratchet and Clank 1-3 (fuck everything that came after)
Kingdom Hearts 1-2, COM (though the plot is very convoluted because money is a thing and this franchise getting milked to death over many iterations)
God of War (all)
Final Fantasy 7 (remake is so-so tho, the tone change is killing me)
Final Fantasy 10
StarCraft 1 & Broodwar (fuck SC2 tho)
Diablo 1-2
Uncharted 1-4

A lot of games characters and storylines tend to fall into re-hashed tropes without twists and turns to keep it fresh. Utilizing most established tropes isn't necesssarily bad though as long as it's masterfully kept interesting, but do realize some of them are just lame AF to begin with (e.g. 'the chosen one' plotlines) and avoid those. Don't know if any devs actually read this shit, but take notes.
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Writing makes or breaks a game for me even if the gameplay is bit lacking.

Seeing developers stating they can make a better game with PS6 graphics is hilarious to me.


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Exactly what I was going to say....After part 4 it went down-hill badly...so much so you can't even see a spin-off let alone a main-line Metal Gear game coming out anytime soon...
The Boss is the proof that a strong woman and feminine woman could co-exist, you don't have to make a woman lose its feminine trait to be strong, making a strong woman masculine is just lazy character design, which sadly is the trend now
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I agree, good characters can make me want to see a story to the end, even if the game has some rough edges to it. I remember playing mass effect 1 on my xbox 360 back in 07, it must have run at 20 fps, and it would crash constantly, no autosaves meant some times you would lose over an hour of progress, but the characters and the world were so engaging that i muscled through it, and ended up replaying the game probably well over ten times on the 360
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