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Games that you love with levels that you hate

Scotty W

Code Veronica is a badly designed game, no matter what lens you watch it through. I tried to like the game, but the cons far outweigh the pros. Only Zero is worse in my book.

I agree totally. I conserved ammo, used the knife constantly, but once I got to the Chris part of the game, I just couldn’t take it anymore. Those high damage, poisoning, infinitely regenerating alpha chad monsters just ground things to a halt, which is bizarre, as with RE 2 the excitement kept ramping up toward the end game.
Hate the level on spyro with the poison swamp, hated it as a kid and hated it in the remake, also cant stand the first mission on dishonoured, dont know why just find it so long, also any level where a bad guy cant die, worst one was in dead space 2
Tales of Eternia - the Ruins of Volt. Confusing, mazy, with annoying enemies.

Twilight Princess - those two statues guarding the sacred grove. Nowadays I always look at the solution whenever I play this game again.

Farcry 3 - most hunting missions. Worst part is often finding the corpse in the middle of the vegetation to get its material. The great white shark is even worse because it's, obviously, underwater.

Super Mario 64 - Rainbow Ride. Someone forgot to put the ground or something.


Breath of Fire 3 - Desert
Here is the funny thing about this Desert: It's actually ridiculously simple and easy to get through, the problem is that the game does such a terrible job of explaining which direction you have to go that pretty much everyone who plays this game (in English at least) gets stuck here.
Any section of a game that requires very fast mashing. I just can’t mash that fast and it’s gets me killed. Killer is Dead has a part like that as well as the Knife Fight Cutscene in RE4. Some games I need somebody else to pass the controller to to keep mashing.

I’m usually pretty patient but I hate that gimmicky crap.
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