Gamers with non-gaming parents… ever share a gaming experience with them they ever loved?


For me, my mom was not ever into games. She would play Pac-Man with me as a kid as there was a machine next to a local hospital I would have to visit routinely in my adolescence, but outside of that she really didn’t care for games. As a teenager and an adult however, there are 2 games she really loves to watch and I would wait for her to be around to play them.

Those games were the Uncharted series, and The Last Guardian.

With Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune - my mom happened to be around when I put the game in for the first time as a teenager the day it launched, and she was blown away by the visuals… and then the story. All 4 of the games we ended up playing together (as in, I would play and she would watch like a movie). I will never forget that.

The game that really captured both of us however was The Last Guardian. A true experience, a game I think every person should experience. It hit us both equally, and I remember her tearing up as the end wound down.

As my mom battles cancer these days, and me, my wife and children bought her a Miss Pacman arcade machine for Christmas to keep her spirits high - these are just memories I look fondly on.

Anybody else have anything like that?
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I have very similar experiences with Uncharted especially. That seems to be the universal game for non gamers because of how cinematically the game flows. It's really easy to watch. My mom and sisters have seen most of the Uncharted series from my years of playing games on the living room TV as a kid. I even played them for my grandma when she was in her 80's for the few weeks she spent at our house once. She really enjoyed them too.

The Last Guardian is also an unbelievable game but due to it's slow nature I think it would be hard to get most watchers into it. The puzzles often take a while unless you've played the game multiple times and have them memorized.

My Dad on the other hand is someone who thinks my brother and I are nuts and addicted to videogames even though he just watches TV when he comes home from work like that's any different. It's also his fault it all started because he bought us our initial PS1 back in the day and every PlayStation console since. He used to get pretty upset about it but now he just doesn't really care anymore. Once in while he'll enjoy playing MLB The Show with one of us or a PGA Tour game.

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Virtua Fighter 2 with my dad. He was always into martial arts and was a street fighter as well.

Virtua Fighter was the first game that had realistic martial arts. He got super into it and was convinced he could beat all of us even though he had no clue how to play video games lol.
Sadly no, my parents and specially my dad were very anti-videogames.

Except one time, my mom walked in while I was playing Oblivion and she went "oh, that's very pretty!". Guess middle-aged women love some neat Cyrodiil forests.
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My mom never really played much but took over the NES because of Arkanoid. As in she just kept my NES. She's played video games ever since.

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I played some FFX OST in the car for my grandma once. Top tier piano stuff. She was really enjoying it. When I told her it was from a videogame, she said that's impossible. It's way too good.

She was a secretary at the fine arts department at university for 30 years and was constantly around music.


Wel…. the experience was not with me but something I will never forget. When I was young I was lucky enough to have parents that jumped onto buying us video games. They did not play them or really care much for them that I can recall. There was one exception, my dad took our Sega Master System to his bedroom TV and kept it there until he finished the game. I do not recall him ever playing a game before or after but he loved him some Phantasy Star.
I remember there were certain moments my anti gaming parents briefly enjoyed watching video games...God of War 2 vs. Zeus, beginning of RE4, parts of Shadow of the Colossus on PS3 come to mind
My mom plays some farmville type game on her phone. I remember she once told me she finished Fairway Solitaire a fun little card game with announcers that act like your on TV watching you play a game of Golf.
But no I don't think I've ever shown them something I played and they made any comment good or bad.

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For some reason my mother has fond memories of the Atari 2600 title Jungle Hunt and will bring this up from time to time when there are video games being discussed by the younger ones ;-)


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Watching my mom beat Journey (with a bit of help) was awesome and cemented it as one of my favorite games of all time.

She has never been specifically anti videogames but she has never liked them either, I think she expected me to outgrow them in my early teens alongside my other toys but it never happened lol.
She once saw me playing Journey and remarked on how nice it looked and sounded, I explained a bit about it and how it's also a non violent game (she never liked the abundance of killing in games) and it got her interested enough to try it out. She ended up playing all the way through and really enjoying the overall experience.

In the end it didn't motivate her enough to try out some other games, but it did at least change her view on games, I think she now views them closer to TV Shows/ Movies that mostly don't appeal to her as opposed to just toys for kids.
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Mum thought Eyetoy on PS2 was funny when she had a go. I think that's literally it. Maybe she played Pac-Man at an arcade once years before me.


My mom had zero interest in games other than wanting me to stop playing them.

My dad played Super Mario Bros. on NES with me and my brother when we were little. I remember him figuring out the 1-Up trick using the Koopa shell on the stairs.

We later tried to get him to play Goldeneye multiplayer with us and laughed at him when he used the analog stick like a tiny joystick.

After that, he didn't really play anything, but he did check out Call of Duty 4 on Xbox 360 after I got it, the console, and my first HDTV. He was blown away and said it looked like actual combat footage.


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Had my dad play Wii Sports.
Somehow he had managed to completely ignore games even though I played since the early 80s, the only gaming related interaction we had was when he used to ask if I wasn’t getting too old for games.
I’ll never forget seeing him smile when I got him to hold a Wiimote and he made a serve in Tennis and started hitting the ball perfectly. 😊❤️


Hahaha, no. My parents are products of their time. My uncle (mother's brother) used to be a huge PC gamer, though.

I have made them listen to a few VGMs which they liked, though.


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Nah they aren't interested at all. When I show something they are like "wow cool" and that's that lmao.
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