"Gamer Xtreme Gaming Desktop" powered exclusively by Intel components



Intel Iris Xe First Discrete GPU (DG1) Goes on Sale with CyberPowerPC Gaming System​

The discrete GPU market has been a duopoly for quite some time, and when Intel announced that the company is rebooting plans for its discrete GPU lineup, another player was about to break that duopoly. Today, that has been changed forever and Intel has officially become the third manufacturer of discrete GPUs, as we can see on the online listing. On BestBuy, CyberPowerPC has listed "Gamer Xtreme Gaming Desktop" powered exclusively by Intel components. When it comes to the CPU choice, Intel's 6C/12T Core i5-11400F CPU model is present without iGPU. Now comes the interesting part. The GPU powering the system is Intel Iris Xe discrete graphics card, which is a DG1 GPU based on Xe-LP SKU.

This model features 80 EUs, resulting in 640 shading units. While this is not any gaming beast, casual 1080p gaming should be just fine on this configuration. The system is listed for 750 US Dollars, and it is sold out, as of the time of writing this. While the performance of this configuration may not be something monumental, it is an important step towards Intel's inclusion in the discrete GPU market. By using OEMs, the GPU will reach a very large market without any major problems. We are waiting to see the first reviews of the system, which will surely take a good look at the card and examine its performance.



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i bought a cyberpower from bestbuy about 5 years ago for parts becaus eit was super cheep and i swear it had that same case.


I can't wait to do some gamer xtreme gaming desktop gaming. Now with 20% more gaming.


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Surprised it doesn’t have any dragons emblazoned on the side. Wonder if the GPU has a blower with a big titty CGI warrior woman on the shroud.


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casual 1080p gaming should be just fine on this configuration. The system is listed for 750 US Dollars

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Wait a sec ... intel ... discrete GPU ... xtreme gaming .... :messenger_tears_of_joy:

still remember the i740 .. it wasn't bad but also not good. And the other problem intel + drivers ... that won't last long.


Dude, that was offensive.
2000 was 720p right?

This box aims 1080p.

But jokes aside: IT IS THE FIRST DGPU BY INTEL GUYS, a first step to breaking duopoly.
on consoles it was 480i/p and on PC it was 800x600 up to 1024x768 (yes, there were people that could go up to 1600x1200, but that wasn't really realistic just for the ultra high end PCs at that time).

And it is the second dGPU. First was i740. But we could debate if this was a GPU at that time it was just called "3d accelerated graphics card" could more or less just filter faster than the cpu.
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