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Game Pass vs $70: The ‘MLB The Show’ Xbox Deal Is A Bad Look For Sony [Forbes article]

Oct 26, 2018
I'm not talking about how Sony is gonna make the most money, I'm talking about how bad it looks that a game developed by THEM is free on a competing subscription service but not on their own. They need to take the financial hit to save face here, to make it seem like they give a shit about PlayStation owners.
Depends if the 1,000,000 PS gamers who consistently buy The Show every year even know about GP or even care. And the game is US centric. Probably 900,000 of those copies are sold in the US. So the brand eroding in a broad stroke is zero.

And if they care, do you really think Sony is going to do a 180 and lose $70,000,000? The company is in cost savings mode scrapping legacy online stores and Japan Studios. Their days of battling Xbox during the 360 generation are long gone as PS5/PS5 have sold great with record profits.

It also sets a bad precedent.

If MS does more day one GP games and Sony gives in to PS Now The Show, then gamers will expect it more often, which Sony execs will be pressured to do or not later on.
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Jan 23, 2010

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Sep 25, 2020
Sony will make way more money selling a brand new game for $60 than Xbox throwing games on gamepass. Majority of gamepass users aren't buying new games when you can play them for a dollar

Xbox is becoming a publisher. Charging nothing but a sub to play new $60 games, is burning money.
so you prefer to pay 69.99 or 9.99? who the fuck care how much money they make ..lol
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Jan 23, 2017
So do any of these "writers" (at this point it's just plain shilling for a corporation) actually ask any questions? Do they really think this decision was up to Sony? Have they ever even wondered why the game is finally on the Xbox platform after ALLLLL these years?

MLB the Show is a Sony IP and game developed by Sony. Even if this is not Sony's decision is a poor deal made by Sony, this is not FIFA or NBA 2K, games what have over 10 million of sales every year what Sony need to keep the license.
Sep 22, 2020
Sports games are a good fit for subscription services as they get discarded like used tampons by a good percentage of players once the new one hits.


Sep 9, 2018
What about the $70 Xbox Series X games?
Yep you make a fair point. Not everyone has Gamepass, and not everyone ever will. Its 23mil subs is like 10% of all gamers, less probably. And not evey game goes onto Gamepass.
Gamepass is amzing, and as it showed yesterday, the value is geting ridiculous, but until like 50% of all gamers have it, it will always be a side option, and more options is a good thing.