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Game pass users: do you ever buy the games?

Dr Bass

Nope. Defeats the purpose IMO. I'm an all digital player anyway, so I wouldn't buy a digital good I already had full digital access to.


No. I only bought some old Xbox BC games that I wanted, but I have not bought a single current gen, or even Xbox One game.
But last year, I finished most amount of games in a year as well. Half of those games were on game pass, and the other half were on my PS5 with PS4 backlog (physical)

And I think I bought the most games for my Switch - both physical and digital.. even though many of them, they are still in the shrink wrap, or barely touched it because I'm too tied up with game pass and PS5. :(
My steam library is also just sitting there... and it seems to be the last in the "to play" priority list. Well, maybe steam deck will help me with that...

Most likely, it will stay that way - mostly physical purchases for PS5 and Switch, but all game pass and digital for XSX, and obviously Steam too.
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The only 1st party stuff i would buy would be the Forza Horizons before they get delisted. I'll pick up 3rd party gems that get removed on occasion if i don't finish or if they have high replay value. I will definitely pick up Streets of Rage 4 when it gets removed, for example.


I bought an Xbox for Gamepass and switched over from PlayStation.

Now I buy DLC for certain gamepass games like Forza Horizon and I buy games I don't ever expect to be on gamepass like RE:Village.

So Xbox has, due to gamepass, gone from getting nothing from me to getting a sub fee, DLC money, and third party royalty fees from a small number of 3rd party games.

I can now see why it's a winning move.

The Shepard

I brought a few when I thought I'd let my sub lapse, mainly the halo/forza games, then re subbed as it was like £2-3 a month and got 3 years worth. Because gamepass is a thing ms games tend to go very cheap quite quickly.


Gamepass has 100% saved me money. I couldn’t care less about ownership. I was full digital anyway. If there was a game on the service that really hooked me big time, and was leaving, then yes I would buy.

But I am someone who plays lots of different games/genres so usually il play through a game and move on unless it has a good and deep multiplayer like halo or gears. I can understand why someone wouldn’t subscribe long term if all they play is the same 3 games over and over or whatever.

I got 3 years gamepass for £82. I paid £70 for returnal and £70 for FF7 remake.


The Amiga Brotherhood
On Xbox one only bought a couple of 360 BC games on sale in the last couple of years.

I buy full retail games on PS5 of they're not on Gamepass.

So now I spend less money overall than I used to in Xbox, but I spend more time on Xbox than I used to (still play on PS more)

So if engagement is their focus and not money, then they are doing well. Not sure what I'll do when my cheap subs stop though.


Neo Member
My nephew has GP on console, so I piggyback and play what's on PC. If a game resonates strongly enough I purchase it on Steam. It really has to resonate (e.g. Unsighted), otherwise I'll simply enjoy it and move on (e.g. Death's Door).

I'm actually curious to see how other people who are in my situation feel. I mean, I also have access to a Netflix account, but I forget which cousin it is exactly who pays for it. I treat this much the same way.
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Steam lost all of my business because of gamepass.. used to buy on there but there is simply no point now. They offer some nice discounts on gamepass to purchase the full game but I really don't see the point. Once I am done with a game I have no interest in replying it.

Multiplayer games are different, but Halo will be there indefinitely and call of duty, and hopefully quake are all coming soon so.. I'm good


I got 3 free months of PC GP and did play there some old MS games I didn't play back in the time. Soon I'll get a $1 month to play Halo Infinite, Forza 5 and Windjammers 2. Didn't buy the games I played or plan to play on GP, but if I like Windjammers 2 I'll buy it on PS (where I mainly play) or Switch (due to being portable).

I never have been a fan of MS, Zenimax or ABK, from all the stuff they bought the studio that interests me the most is Ninja Theory. I'll get GP a month or two to play Hellblade 2 when released. I have other tastes that matches more the Sony and Capcom stuff plus some indies, and I prefer to buy these ones and if possible in retail (to collect them and maybe to sell them in the future).

I don't have a lot of time to play, so I have a huge backlog and I buy the few games I know I'll (or want to) play even if some of them end will be moved to the backlog before completing them or even before starting to play them.

For me GP (same as PS Plus or Now) is good to play there (and not buy) games that didn't interested me enough to buy them, but that appeal enough to me to play them or at least to test them, even if they are old games. And after that, to don't buy them.
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No. In my mind that defeats the purpose. If there’s a game I’m considering that’s not on the service I’ll just wait and see if it pops up. I’ve been burned before.


I'm too slow to finish most games before they leave the service which has led me to buy a few, however I wouldn't buy anything that is still available unless the game pass version is inferior. The way I see it game pass is like social insurance. The people that don't use it often pay for the ones that do. I rarely watch Netflix yet pay like 15 a month. That pays for the ones that do utilize it more.

Edit: the other scenario I buy is if there's dlc I want to play and the game is on sale elsewhere. Doesn't make sense to buy game pass dlc if the full game plus dlc is the same price. The only dlc I wouldn't think twice about buying on game pass is the MS games where I know that's primary delivery for the game and it won't go away
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Gold Member
I haven't yet, but I could easily see buying something if I find out it's leaving the service. I'll definitely buy Hades for example.


Umm, I bought Hunter: Call of the Wild because of Game Pass. Plus some DLC. I also bought it again on Steam. Can't think of anything more right now in terms of buying.

EDIT: I think I bought FTL because of Game pass.
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I bought one that was leaving Gamepass I think. I've bought a few that have never been on Gamepass. The greatest savings factor for me is I get to try out games that are really well received and getting good word of mouth without having to buy them, and most of the time I don't seem to like them as much as everyone else.

I bought many games over the years that I do not understand why they are popular after I try them.

Also, you may try a game on Gamepass and decide you like it enough to buy it on Steam during a sale.
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Yeah i bought NG2 once it was delisted.

I also bought KI since it was under 10 bucks and I loved it. Just the idea its mine, even if for some reason MS decided to dump it.


I have come to a point where it feels weird to buy a game outright. Game Pass has spoiled me

I'm never shelling out $60+ for a game ever again.


I think the great thing about gamepass is that it encourages you to buy good games to keep in your library! At the right price!


I have come to a point where it feels weird to buy a game outright. Game Pass has spoiled me

I'm never shelling out $60+ for a game ever again.
I'm getting Arceus for my 9 year old.
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PCGamePass and Xcloud user:
I use the service to demo a game, and if it's something I enjoy I buy it for Steam.

The service has saved me a lot of money, year after year.


I do not own a single game on my Xbox Series X. If it's not on Game Pass I either don't play it or I wait for it to come to Game Pass.

I still buy a lot of Switch games though. And might pick up a PC game every once in a while.


Ask me about my Stream Deck
Nope. After losing access to my Xbox account last gen I swore I wouldn't buy anything digital from them. Gamepass has plenty of games and it really feels like MS would rather have my sub than buy their games since they launch on GP. I'll just buy a month or whatever when a big title drops after my current sub ends. It's a great service and if I want to own a game I'll buy it for other platforms.
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I don’t buy Xbox games for myself, only occasionally for my boys. If it’s a game I’m really excited about I am more inclined to buy some premium dlc since the sub covers the cost of the base game. I’d rather buy on Steam or GoG if I have a choice.


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I do, occasionally. If a game I like is leaving GP, it only makes sense to snag it on sale. Also a few titles I just love so much and/or want to show support so I'll buy it outright. At first I didn't at all, but I've noticed I've done so more often lately.


Gold Member
I've bought a couple of things over the years but it really has to move me. Nothing this year. It's made me want to never buy anything because there's no point.


PCGamePass and Xcloud user:
I use the service to demo a game, and if it's something I enjoy I buy it for Steam.

The service has saved me a lot of money, year after year.
Why not on pc game pass store or whatever the hell its called when you get additional 20 percent off.
Yes in fact Gamepass can Stack with gold discounts and you can get some really good deals for digital games by in large you getting physical games is cheaper.


Im not going to buy ms 1st party games because they never leave gamepass and i dont plan on unsubscribing anytime soon.

I will buy 3rd party games i enjoyed on gamepass when they go on sale for $20 or less.

I also buy tons of season passes and expansions for the games on gamepass.
It's lead me/us to more MTX, passes, DLC etc more so. I/my family are trying more games, the ones we like we then invest money in for the variety of ways they sell stuff e.g. skins, packs, passes, DLC. We also are able to buy more games not on Gamepass as we really don't have that "buyer's regret" from getting into the wrong games with an up front cost. We have a couple of games purchased that left Gamepass but more investment in the games that come free.

Some things purchased from current Gamepass offerings -
  • MS Flight deluxe
  • MS Flight planes and some in game region packs e.g. paris, japan etc.
  • Forza Deluxe
  • Among Us, daughter plays with friends so wanted to own it forever
  • Already owned MCC anyhow
  • Already owned Halo 5 anyhow
  • Ori 1 purchased just to support those devs early on. What a game. Played Ori 2 but didn't buy it.
  • Sea of Thieves, too good and son plays it on and off with friends.
  • Halo Infinite pass & credits X 2
  • Some card games from MS solitaire collection
  • Gifts for kids friends e.g. unpacking for one of my daughter's friends. You get a gamepass discount on purchases. Son friend's similar gifts.
  • Gifts for my friends: I've done it twice now for mates without gamepass so we have 4 to play e.g. The Ascent coop and Golf with Friends.
  • The Ascent, just want to support that small dev team. Awesome game.
  • Control add-ons.
  • SIMS4 add-ons, misses and daughter like this one.


Your question is not framed well. Do you still buy games? Yes I buy PS5 games and stuff not on Game Pass on PC. Would I buy games that are on Game Pass? No way.

Winter John

Yup. I've bought Wasteland 3. Yakuza Dragon. Dragon Quest. Frostpunk. GP is an excellent way for me to try games and buy the ones I like.


I purchased Sniper Elite 4 a while back when I played it and loved every second of it. Ended up buying the whole series and all the DLC.


Why not on pc game pass store or whatever the hell its called when you get additional 20 percent off.
That's because the MS Store on PC has honestly been a terrible experience for me.
The Xbox app alone has been a broken mess for years.

Xbox App: Install issues, update issues, not loading, games not loading.
Games crash off an on, with no error messages.
No MOD support
Unable to edit ini or game files if the game has a loading/game issues.

I buy my Steam games from GreenManGaming or CDKeys. I typically save around 40 to 80% off all games I purchases.

If the MS Store & Xbox App on PC were in a great state, then I would probably buy games in that store.

MS has promised that Windows 11 will have improvements for the Xbox App, MS Store and games will have MOD support. *whenever that will be*

So yeah, that's why. =)
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I'm probably not using game pass properly lol. The big games that I know I will really enjoy (unless a massive blunder) I will buy it so I can play it forever but I use game pass for the games I wouldn't buy in the first place.

If Elden Ring came to game pass I would still buy it.
If the game is leaving GP and you didn’t have time to play or want to keep because reasons then it makes sense to buy it as you get a discount while the game is still on GP. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense from an economical perspective.


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
I haven't yet bought any game that's actively on GP, but I have used the frequent Gold/GPU discounted sales to buy some other games not on the service.
Quick count shows I have bought about 80 games so far AFTER playing them first on Gamepass.

I dont usually pay attention to the "leaving soon" section and after a few times of having a game I was enjoying suddenly disappear off the service I decided to buy them if I like them.

I have been gaming for over 35 years and Gamepass has rekindled my love for the industry and completely changed everything to make it better for me. PS5 is now my "exclusives box" and with their games coming to PC at a faster rate it will probably become even less than that.
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