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Game pass subscribers are eating good

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So Gran Turismo VR was delayed or something? I though this is already available.
Yes, i believe GT7 was released in March last year, but you are correct the patch came out too for VR and it looks AMAAAAAAAZING!
Game Pass is profitable though. It's also consumer friendly to the people who want to be part of modern gaming but don't have $70 to spend for every new release.
I wouldnt even start on this tbh, its gone on for about 5 years.


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?

Blessed be thy name, Phil.


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
Do 3rd party titles always leave the service after 12 months?

No, it varies.

Some games have been on for 2, 3 years and some games leave after 3 months (all R* games that have come to GP have left in 3 months, RDR2 and GTA San Andreas SE)


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Well, Microsoft have:

1. Started up a service at a clearly unsustainably low price. One their own research shows may well damage the entire computer game industry.
2. Gone on a shopping spree of developers in what looks like an attempt to lock people into Xbox. No one would really care if they grew exclusive game development from within, but they are threatening to cut people off from previously cross platform games.
3. The build quality of the Elite Controller 2 is absolutely unacceptable. And it doesn't even have a gyro.

So yeah, people have a few bones to pick.
Can’t believe IGN was correct when they said:
The detractors of Xbox Game Pass are running out of goalposts to move.
And yet here we are.


I wish we have a thread were we can talk about game (story, mechanics, features) and the talk about publishers/developers/platforms owners to be forbidden...
Not open for further replies.
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