Game Informer June cover: Top 100 RPGs of All Time

Im not saying its bad

But #1?

Oblivion was way better in almost every way in terms of TSE games

Its only been so long lived because of mods, not because the base game is any good

I'll say it's bad.

A series dead set on becoming less of an RPG with every entry while failing to improve on anything else in exchange? OK.

Like as a game itself it's mediocre. 5 or a 6. I don't care for it much. It doesn't really do anything well other then having a satisfying gameplay loop that stimulates the brain because you are making progress and numbers go up. But as an RPG in the same series as Morrowind and adjacent to New Vegas? It's not a good RPG. To place it at the very pinnacle of all RPGs ever is completely baffling to me. I'm struggling to come up with a SINGLE thing Skyrim does better then it's predecessors or competitors. Story? Combat? Quests? Writing? I'm drawing a massive blank, unless picking up loads of trash to fill up your inventory (the one bad RPG mechanic Bethesda seems to absolutely swear by) or observing NPCs sleep is the pinnacle of RPGs


The list was cancelled and invalidated when someone saw fit to place Radiata Trash anywhere near it (and above Symphonia? GI bye).
I absolutely love Destiny, but surprised it's on the list tbh: even so, happy for it to be's fantastic (in it's final state, post TTK/ROI).

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines at 98 is a slight travesty IMO - easy in the top 50 even in it's janky sometimes state.

List looks better the more I look at it though, lot's of neat inclusions on there.
Skyrim isn't even my favorite in the series, so I can't agree that it's the GOAT.

FFVI got robbed!!

Nah. It is my favorite rpg, and maybe favorite game of all time though.

Happy to see Bloodborne up there as well.


-I love Pokemon RBY but ranking them that highly is kinda lame. Can you honestly tell me that they are better games than say BW2?
Gold & Silver ranked lower than Red & Blue despite basically containing Red & Blue, lol. If I had to pick a best Pokemon I would probably go with Sun/Moon or HG/SS. Black & White were great too; by far the best narratively,
I kinda hate the Gen 5 Pokemon designs though


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I just don't get why someone well-versed in video games would ever put Skyrim on a first place in such a list. I can agree with a lot of those placements but Skyrim as top. Hell no.
Put Chrono Trigger or FFVI there. And why is Persona 4 on it but not Golden. Vita version is better in every way.


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Mass Effect 2 is in their top 10 of 100 all time RPGs?

I mean I loved the game, but come the fuuuuuuuck on.


Hey, wow, seems like they have a wide variety of RPGs on this list. I wonder if- ...
*Ctrl+F "Shin Megami Tensei"* -> "0 of 0"
List invalid!
Mass Effect 2 is in their top 10 of 100 all time RPGs?

I mean I loved the game, but come the fuuuuuuuck on.

Ew gross are you kidding me? It's in the top 25 highest rated games of all time. It won game of the year here on GAF. It solidified the series.
The only explanation for that list is that they let Dan Ryckert back into their office and promised him tacos if he frantically recalled as many RPGs as he could.


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So far, I respect IGN's list more than GI's. GI's list reads like one put together by people who started playing games in the 00s. The lack of Lunar and Trails disappoints me, Skyrim being so high is lame (Fallout is better than Elder Scrolls.) Ah well what can you do.
Ugh, Mass Effect 2 should not be up there that high.

I'm honestly surprised not to see World of Warcraft at number one.

Final Fantasy X and 7 beat by tactics?
Why the hell is Bloodborne that high?????

Why is it higher than Tales of Symphonia by like 80 spots?

Nope, sorry I can't respect this list at all.


Skyrim is one of the worst games I've ever played to be honest. Plays like an absolute piece of shit. Makes Witcher 3 feel like SMB.
Fuckin Skyrim... Bethesda RPGs (except maybe Morrowind) have no business being in any lists top 20, let alone No. 1

Eh, I've already made this list.

1. Chrono Trigger
2-100. Not Chrono Trigger



Wow, I was hoping they wouldn't put Mass Effect 2 on the list at all...

This might be the worst list IGN has ever done and I usually am totally fine with lists.


This is a perpetual rough draft without Final Fantasty IX. The disrespect for Chrono Cross needs to be addressed too. Honestly I should've have stopped reading then. And I love Skyrim but Morrowind or Chrono Trigger deserve the #1 spot.

Also Persona 5 as a Top 20 all time RPG...

Good game but nah.


Persona 5 above 4 and 3 makes this list better than IGNs for me.

Skyrim is expected, laughable but expected.
Skyrim is one of my favorite and most-played games ever because I find it relaxing to play but best RPG of all-time? I wouldn't go that far.


I almost spit out what I was drinking when I saw Skyrim and Mass Effect 2 in the Top 5. Mass Effect 2 hardly has any traditional RPG elements.
Ok, if they're gonna twist the definition of an RPG and put BotW on that list, why didn't they put any of the other Zelda games on it? BotW is no more RPG than any other Zelda.

I mean, I fucking love BotW, but, really?

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"Knights of the Old Republic is in the top 10, but I don't see 2 anywhere. Where is it?

...Huh. Maybe this is a 'one entry per series' thing?"

List contains 6 entries for Final Fantasy games.
It's a pretty good list if I could get the offensive games out of my head like Skyrim and Final Fantasy X.

I wish I could control the world for FFXII being appreciated instead of the embarrassing FFX.

Edit: Also Xenosaga III is best Xenosaga...
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