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Game Informer: Horizon Forbidden West – Introducing The Mighty Slitherfang

Imo they shouldn't have showed this much about this boss, the little tease in the trailer was already more than enough. Showing this now will make it way less exciting for the player when he/she gonna encounter the creature. And I feel that most modern devs don't get that.
Naw, they did the same thing with the TRex in Zero Dawn. They made it look easy defeating him in the reveal trailer, but once you played himself for yourself, it was a different story. Players will expect one thing, but experience a more intense encounter.


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Update: I finally started it two days ago.

It's actually a lot better than I expected. I have some issues with it still, but I will likely be eating some crow on Horizon 2. Biggest thing I didn't expect is that I would like Aloy as a character, and get invested in the story.

You should definitely check it out.
I started it several days ago as well, and feel the same way. Still looks fantastic running on the PS5. Ashly Burch does a great job voicing Aloy, and I instantly liked the characters. Setting and story reminds me of a cool 80’s scifi/barbaric action flick in some ways.
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