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Game Grumps announces narrative-driven psychological horror game Homebody for consoles, PC


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Publisher Rogue Games and developer Game Grumps have announced Homebody, a narrative-driven psychological horror game inspired by 1980s slasher films. It will launch for consoles and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store in 2022. Specific consoles were not announced.

“We’re obsessed with horror games, so when coming off of Dream Daddy, it was a natural shift to explore the horror genre,” said Homebody director Jory Griffis in a press release. “We were excited to retain the narrative and storytelling values we learned making Dream Daddy and put them to use in a game with a totally different tone and ambitious new mechanics.”

Rogue Games chief strategy officer Chris Archer added, “We’re huge fans of everything that Game Grumps does. From their comedy to their game development, Game Grumps embodies everything we want to amplify as a publisher, and we’re thrilled to help bring Homebody to players later this year.”

Here is an overview of the game, via Rogue Games:

Homebody is a survival horror puzzle game where you catch up with old friends and try not to get murdered.
Emily and her college buddies have gathered at a remote rental house to watch the Perseid meteor shower. They try to rekindle the bonds they once had, but lingering emotional wounds and social anxieties leave Emily feeling more alone than ever. When the power suddenly goes out, it’s almost a relief. But under the cover of darkness, a mysterious killer picks them off one by one. If Emily can’t find a way out, she’ll be trapped in this nightmare forever.
Evade the killer, solve the house’s devious puzzles, and reconnect with your friends. Escaping the house may seem impossible at first, but with each attempt to put the pieces together, the bloodstained picture becomes more and more clear.

Key Features
  • Narrative-driven horror puzzle game with a nostalgic style inspired by 80s slashers and retro horror games.
  • Surprising and responsive enemy AI system ensures no two encounters will ever be the same.
  • Track your progress and make new connections with a dynamic in-game clue journal.
  • Make dialogue choices to attempt to reconnect with your friends. Then watch them die.
  • Unlock secrets and piece together the mystery.



At least it appears to be third person.

We really need a break from first person horror games that all drink from the same bottle. We get it, you loved P.T., but come on man, lol. I love first person games, but enough is enough.


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I'm hungover and this made my hurt head head hurt. I left that mistake in just so you can see how ill this made me feel. I'm not saying its terrible its just my reaction to this trailer was to squint, feel sick and only avoid being sick by smoking a doobie.

Maybe that was the intent though, kudos to the devs if so.


I wish my partner didn't watch them, as I age I find Arin's streamer persona more and more grating.
So I don't expect much from this
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