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Game franchises you abandoned for a competing franchise going forward


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Some come to mind for me.

Hockey. WGH II --> EA NHL
Back in the day, hockey games were either a couple arcadey Ice Hockey or Blades of Steel or Hat Trcik Hero in the arcade. Thought they were shit. But sunk endless time into Wayne Gretzky Hockey II (with sim disk). But then when EA NHL games came out, I switched and never wavered. Wayne Gretzky Hockey 3 came out on PC with a neon green box, but nobody probably remembers because it was junk. I ditched that game fast. They tried to copy EA with a top/down cam view to complement their usual blimp view. I didn't like the 2k games.

Fighting 1990s. SF II --> Tekken
Never got into MK since I hated the block button. VF was boring too. SF was easy to play and everyone loved it. Then got a PS1 and tried Tekken. Awesome. Buh bye SF. After playing Tekken I couldnt get into 2D SF or that EX one with the dopey looking skull guy. Most time I ever sunk into fighting games was old Tekken games (even more than my time playing SFII to death).

FP online shooters. Unreal Tournament --> COD
Was never a big FPS fan as console versions were shit, and I never got into Doom or Quake on PC even when online came about. But I did play Unreal Special Edition a lot on my Pentium (whatever edition the red box was). Then it died off a bit. Then COD4 came about on 360 and it's been my shooter franchise since. I dont play COD so much any more (drips and drabs), but I still play it more than any other shooter franchise. Gears, Halo, BF I've tried. Never stuck with them. COD all the way (for now).
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The Skullomania slander is worthy of a ban tbh!

Ridge Racer and Burnout > Forza. They don't really make arcade racers anymore besides Mario Kart and the Sonic racing games


I guess im a nostalgia guy and still like most of the old franshises i liked years ago.

Tomb Raider used to be my favorite adventure/ treasure hunter game, now is Uncharted, but i still play the Tomb Raider games. Final Fantasy used to be my favorite JRPG now i enjoy more Persona games but still play all Final Fantasy games, etc.


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If the game's fun I'll keep playing it, otherwise why even bother?



PES' death began at the start of the PS3/360 generation and passed away officially to me around PES2015. With the mess that is eFootball that released last week I think that franchise is now dead to the small crowd who still maintained hope, too.

COD to Overwatch.
Maybe not such a direct like-for-like but Overwatch still took over my spot for online multiplayer first person shooters. I never really felt COD ever recaptured what they had with COD4 in terms of simplicity, so although I still enjoyed COD MW2 & 3 the series was always on the decline for me. Overwatch with it's simplicity - no killstreaks or thousands of customisable gameplay widgets etc - and longevity in terms of a single game being sustained over years easily won me over.
i was a virtua fighter guy. And Battle Arena Toshinden. Tekken Tag and Soul Calibur made me come around and leave VF and toshinden in the dust.

liked Madden in 90s. But went with 2K on dreamcast.

liked NBA 2k but i prefer NBA Live 19 rn

I was a call of duty guy, but switched over to Battlefield and now i don't like either

for Battle Royals i played PubG and COD Black Out...but now its pretty much just Apex Legends and maybe Fortnite

left Gran Turismo for Forza

left Tony Hawk for SKATE


Gran Turismo for Forza Horizon. Forza Horizon isn't meant to be a technical racing game, but PC is still the only place you find hardcore racing sims. It's fun, something Gran Turismo hasn't been in a very very long time. The entire GT franchise disappeared up its own asshole after a Gran Turismo 4.

I'm hopeful for Gran Turismo 7, but Sport was the last time I buy a Gran Turismo game blindly. I'll wait for reviews and opinions here. Forza Horizon 5 is a day one no brainer for me.


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I have gone this way Winning Eleven (PES) -> FIFA -> PES.


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Mortal Kombat for literally every other fighting game.

growing up I loved Mortal Kombat, and I didn't really like any other fighting game.
looking back it was most likely because MK is super simple and doesn't need much skill... I mean you literally just dial in the combos and only those work... so it's just about remembering combos. and before MK3 there weren't even any combos...

but after I became older and played more of the genre, I basically abandoned MK... not completely, I still play it here and there (Nostalgia at work) but if I want to play an actually good fighting game, Mortal Kombat is something I avoid (for obvious reasons)

sadly the series also hasn't even come close to catching up after more than 25 years now... so... it will stay that way until the day Netherrealms finally gets its shit together and makes a good fighting game

Fare thee well

Sadly when a truly unique and powerful series goes off the rails or stops being made, I don't think I can ever find replacements for it.

I don't think I'd ever find a replacement for:

Knights of the Old Republic
Total War
The Elder Scrolls
Tom Clancy Rainbow Six 1-3
Classic Lucas Arts games (ie - Jedi Knight, Dark Forces)
Red Dead

They are either lost to time for me or I get distracted by some newer original series.
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I left Street Fighter for Tekken...then Tekken for Guilty Gear
Left COD for Pretty much all other PC shooters...Valorant, Apex, Rainbow 6 Siege.
I abandoned Tekken 7's absurd hitboxes and frame advantage subverting armored bologna for Dead or Alive 6's fine-tuned exchanges.

I haven't abandoned Soulcalibur yet as there is no substitute but I have avoided the Reversal Edge bologna of SCVI and turd strike of SCV.


After PES 2021 I might eventually get Fifa 22....seeing as E-Football is a half-baked demo for the foreseeable future..
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