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Social Opinion News Future of enemy AI ---New Witcher 3 Redux V1.7 Adds Adaptive Human Intelligence Mechanic That Makes Human Enemies Smarter by Learning Geralt’s Moves

Elektro Demon

Shits and Giggles
Nov 9, 2019

The Witcher 3 Redux V1.7 has been released which adds the Adaptive Human Intelligence (AHI) mechanic that allows human enemies to adapt to Geralt’s combat skills.

The Redux mod for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a light gameplay overhaul that aims to make the game’s gameplay feel more realistic and lore friendly where preparation is key. Its creator, Aleks Vuckovic, has now released brand-new version of it, version 1.7, which features the above-mentioned new enemy mechanic to make human combat more engaging. During fights, human enemies will become more proficient as they will learn your moves and maneuvers. In addition, buffs will be applied to your enemies during combat.

The following buffs can be applied:

  • Increased chance to parry Geralt's attacks
  • Decreased chance to lower their guard
  • Decreased chance to stand and taunt Geralt
  • Increased chance to dodge fast and strong attacks
  • Increased chance to counter Geralt
According to Vuckovic, Geralt can also debuff enemies through effective fighting.

“I've found that this makes the combat with humans more engaging, as you'll find they become more dangerous as they realise Geralt is not someone to be trifled with”, Vuckovic writes. “It also makes parrying a more viable option than just dodging. Furthermore, it discourages consistently attacking the same opponent until they lower their guard. In Vanilla, you would simply spam attack against a single opponent until he was dead. Doing so now may be helpful in the short run, but each time the enemy parries you, the group ends up getting smarter. Hence, switching opponents between attacks becomes more tempting, despite being more risky.”

Those interested in trying out this new interesting mechanic, can download the new 1.7 version via Nexusmods.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and its expansion are available globally now for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. This mod can only be used on PC.
This is interesting. Could this be the future of NPC AI in single player games?


GAF's Pleasant Genius
Jun 7, 2004
Problem is artificial stupidity, not intelligence in games. A very smart AI player has always perfect lighting fast reaction times that do not vary on emotion, fatigue, or anything... it is a brilliant and engaging area to look into though :).
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Sep 28, 2019

This is interesting. Could this be the future of NPC AI in single player games?
This would happen in some aspect in Middle Earth: Shadow of War. When fighting higher level captains, If you spam the same attacks over and over again they would learn the attack and negate it. It def made some fights dynamic as your whole gameplan had to change on the fly.
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Sep 11, 2018
The future...... not when devs prioritize ray tracing and photo realism, gameplay comes last.

Ai is something that hasnt changed in years, the last game I remember having decent ai was killzone2 and fear
Actually enemy AI in older tactical shooters (R6 Raven Shield/Rogue Spear/og, Ghost Recon 1, OFP: Cold War Crisis, Hidden & Dangerous series...) was much more lethal & deadly than what you commonly see in most games. Of course what added to that was also the increased bullet damage, lack of health regeneration, lack of on screen 'helpers' (markers showing you where the incoming fire is coming from, ect...

I remember being amazed when I got taken out by this tiny little spec of a pixel waaay off in the distance in OFP. They had a saying for that game that went...'Once you see the muzzle flash (if you even do) It's already too late !'

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Apr 19, 2019
Away with the fairies
Is that not sort of the idea? But I get what you mean to your other part.

I want to be challenged, yes, but if the AI is just: [when player does x move do Y move] that would get really stale.

Also, you could just cheese the AI. Be really, really shit during the fodder fights, then turn on your A game during the boss fights :messenger_tears_of_joy:


Jan 8, 2018
Insurgency has some decent Ai, or at least the illusion of smart ai

But it suffered the same fate as most ai, they dont get smarter, they just get more wall hacks and aimbot
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Currently Gif and Meme Champion
Dec 25, 2019
Prague, Czech Republic
And also FEAR. It did such an amazing job with convincing you that the enemies are smart.
I don't get why it's so hard to replicate that.
That's because they specifically make level-design for this purpose and well those places weren't really that engaging. I like way more AI in Condemned (from same people), where those hobos attack each other, can unknowilngy strike each other while fighting and that kind of shit. Was fun, this is what strikes me as odd. Enemies clipping with each other in pretty much in any other game and that pisses me off. Especially Dark Souls is terrible in this regard, how enemies attacking you through another enemy. But let's just say that the game with proper Ai would not be playable, you would die....way more often.

I am sure that this mode is interesting, but honestly, how much fun it's going to be, I am not so sure. Since I am still in recovery something like Doom Eternal kick my ass even on Easy. Since it's an issue with me with my nerves does not properly responds to what brain think is doing. Press the button...NOPE...press the fucking button...double NOPE....PRESS...Okay.


May 2, 2017
And also FEAR. It did such an amazing job with convincing you that the enemies are smart.
I don't get why it's so hard to replicate that.

It is hard because every player is different and game designers want all of them to feel like they have accomplished something, overcome a challenge, etc. The last thing they want is for players to feel like failures or like they have wasted their time. So in skill based games, developing dynamic AI that feels challenging without actually being challenging for millions of players is what they shoot for...very complicated and hard.

I am guessing that you lucked out when playing fear in that it walked that line for you. But that doesnt mean the ai did that for anyone else, so it may not have been all that great.

It is much easier to use algorithms to stratify players into groups in multiplayer games that give the same effect, or just put in rpg mechanics in single player games that let the player get stronger no matter what.
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Jun 11, 2019
Didn't MGS5 do this? Like if you tended to snipe enemies a lot, the soldiers would wear helmets.
that is not specifically ia, it's just the game making things more difficult if you use a lot of headshot etc.
they don't put helmets mid fight if you are making a lot of headshots, it become a standard after a couple of mission for all enemy soldier after a certain point.
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