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Future Games Show - Live today 2PM PT / 5PM ET / 10PM London


This Kena Bridge of whatsits gets better every time I see it - PS5, PS4 and Epic.
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Blue spear/arrow is evocative of sheikah tech from BotW.

Or blue lines from Nadia The Secret of Blue Water/Atlantis The Lost Empire/Tron.


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Left right after GTTOD. That was all I needed to see... that game looks like my jam! Fast paced, platformer shooter with a combo meter... gotta keep that flow! Love these games that require skill and finesse... rather then patience and arbitrary stat meters.


Brings out a spot on a global platform to advertise a product.

"See the full reveal in July!"


I really do prefer when they announce something as they are finishing up, and there is a small timeframe to actually getting it, instead of constant baiting for months, years or even outright absences.
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way better showcase than PC Gaming thing and everything IGN has been throwing up recently with some actual good looking interesting games.


-Ghostrunner is awesome check the demo on Steam if you haven't already.
-Call of the Sea looking beautiful and if anything like Firewatch - I'm in.


-Quantum Error looking horrible.

I'm curious about Remothered2, if they learned from all mistakes made in 1 which unfortunately sucked this might be decent survival horror.
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