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Future Games Show - Live today 2PM PT / 5PM ET / 10PM London


Cores, shaders and BIOS oh my!
Do these AAA developers just make games because it's easy and they can do it? Or do they not realize that their game looks like 1000 games before it and don't do anything interesting?
If You make an effort to create a game... why do something generic af ?
I feel you.


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That skater XL footage looks painful.
Couldn't they even fucking bother to turn up 4k or any anti aliasing for the trailer?! wtf are they doing. How can You promote a game and make it look 720p jagged. what. the. hell
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"In a coma You dream about better graphics and animations"
I know what it is - AAA and AA games are so expensive and low risk nowadays, that we get so few of these. that's why we see so many indie stuff lately


I just realized these "exclusives" are just show exclusives. Lol. We have show exclusives now. They just want any reason to use that word now.

Or am I missing something?

Was up way too late trying to beat The Last of Us before the sequel and slept through all these "shows". Any surprise announcements?

I am trying to put up every trailer as they go live. Nothing super crazy yet but some decent looking a games throughou the thread.

The PC Gaming Thread was too hard to keep up with, went on forever, but there are sites that have lists of all the game shown linked in that OP


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Mediocrity is the name of the game these days.

Quantity over quality.
Quality is subjective. Different strokes for different folks. Quantity as in what? That there's a lot of games out there or that they are making their game overly large? I'm assuming you mean the former. The higher quantity of games being created leads to more games that you would maybe like. Smaller devs are trying new things or making their dream games. These games sometimes get big and they sometimes inspire bigger games. It's great to have a such large quantity of games out there.


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See? Last Oasis looks creative and interesting... oh survival mmo
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