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FRIDAY NIGHT [OT] - Official NeoGAF Weekend Kickoff


I work third shift Tuesday through Saturday mornings. So Friday night is mostly meaningless to me. Saturday nights are usually pretty fun though. And it’s nice to actually enjoy Sunday night without having to dread going back to work the following day.


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Rate this dish 1 ok 2 not ok

1 for the slop
2 for the tubesteak


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I've reached to point of drunkness where I've reverted to listening to covers of my my favourite films..

But you've gotta admit, these, they've got it down..

And theres me, can just about fart out four chords on a guitar. Damn :messenger_tears_of_joy:


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Dont feel to comfortable to make a FUCK YEAH ITS SATUR(N)DAY thread.

Maybe next week. It's good for the community spirit right, assholes?

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I just watched sinner on Netflix and fancy something else similar, any suggestions?

I've already watched missing and Baptiste and really enjoyed them as well.


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She's too slow while playing. Still has Stormveil to get through. She doesn't want to play during the weekdays because it gets her too excited and then she can't sleep at a normal time.

I need to wrap up my NG+ play through so I can get these last few achievements.

Awesome and I get the stressfull aspect. I meant if the missus recovered from your slaying time =P
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