Forza Horizon Fans: Horizon 4>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Horizon 5


I’ve only played 4 and 5, but I enjoyed 4 much more. Maybe because I’m from the UK, but more likely because of 5’s hellish characters, who still haunt my dreams.


Calling 4 boring when 5 is all 'muh desert'.

3 is the best as Australia is a fantastic setting. The UK in 4 is pretty cool though, especially with the very distinct seasons.


4 is the best as it reminds me of driving around my home country in the UK. The seasons are much more distinctive to. Best racer ever imo, loved it. 5 is great to.
This is where I am at. 4 was a perfect snapshot of driving in the UK. 3 and 5 might do the same for their respective countries but I wouldn't know so they just don't resonate the same for me.
The seasons added a lot of variety too, although I know they weren't popular with everyone.


I’m not saying it’s because 4 and 5 launched on Game Pass but I don’t think it’s a coincidence they heavily dumbed down the progression system and made it a lot more cringe with the dialogue and characters with both those games. Definitely started aiming these games at a far wider casual audience than 1 to 3.


I've spent a lot more time in 5 than 4. Probably because I like the setting a bit more.

Both are best in class for the genre, you can't go wrong with either of them.


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Nah. And we're talking about the crème de la crème of open world racing games anyway. The points of contention is so zoomed in it doesn't mean much when in a wide FOV figuratively speaking.
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Playground are getting lazier and lazier with the updates with each games. I get they're also doing Fable now but still. I'm not even talking about innovations, but the lack of bug fixes, the netcode, the cheaters...they should spend less time on useless stuff and work on what really matters in the long run.

So yeah 4 >>>> 5 in my opinion. Some things were not improved enough for 5 and on the contrary some things got worse.
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Got my XsX mostly because of FH5, no incentive to grind every weekly car anymore unless it's interesting, also the nerfed wheelspins weren't nice.


I'm just boring AF and love 3, 4 and 5 equally. Absolutely incredible games and I'm not even a big fan of racers or cars in general.

Fox Mulder

Mexico does feel more dead with fewer player cars driving around the map and almost no location personality in the game besides cringe story characters. FH4 highlighted lots of UK cars and culture because the studio is there and they cared. The season changing in FH4 was more visually distinctive as you can barely tell a difference in Mexico. FH4 also had ranked online.

I only really play an hour a week now to get the new playlist car, which is often just something that was in FH4. The hot wheels expansion was very short and disappointing. They’re really milking the content.


I didn't play 1 or 2 ... But 3 is better than 4. 4 is better than 5. And I'd go further and call 5 obnoxious at points.

Also... Just thought of this.. the soundtrack of 5 was terrible.
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The map in FH5 is by far the best, more verticality than 3 or even 4, more biomes than either too. Horizon 4's map suffers from some pretty poor road layouts, shortcuts through the forests being non-existent and by it's weather system which is either rainy or snow conditions.

As a whole I still prefer FH3 the most though, 4 and 5 have become way too polluted with neon jizz and absolute shit characters who never shut up but for outright driving FH5 has the best flowing map with clear paths through woods, roads that line up to each other allowing you to jump roads easily and the most well laid-out map overall. The track editor is also just nuts.
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